Senator Accused of Murder

Midlands proportional representation senator Lilian Mpofu Timveos (pictured), the woman at the centre of a sex and corruption scandal involving Movement for Democratic Change leader Morgan Tsvangirai has been implicated in gruesome murder.

According to whistleblower website Shabanie Dot Coms’s Facebook page, Mpofu Timveos ordered the killing of a woman in her Zvishavane home town in February 2016 and had her vagina, breasts and tongue ripped out to be used for ritual purposes to boost the senator’s flagging political career.

The senator’s aide, Alphonse Musvuti, who was arrested for the murder and allegedly confessed to the killing after being promised a brand new Mercedes Benz by the MDC T politician as a reward for murdering his girlfriend, has since disappeared after being granted bail under unclear conditions.

The murder was leaked by an employee of Mpofu Timveos lawyer Herbert Tafa, who has since fired the employee over the scandal. Relatives of the murdered woman from Kandodo township have demanded the arrest of the senator, to no avail, amid allegations that homicide detectives were bribed to cover up the killing.

Below is the full, explosive post by Shabanie Dot Coms:

“Nyaya yakambonetsa vakawanda muZvishavane yandambotaura yakaitwa ongororo neDotcom inobuditsa pachena mhondi idzi dzakateura ropa risina mhaka.Senator weZvishavane arikubato reMDC anonzi Lilian Timveous ndiye munhu akaronga zvinhu zvose izvi zvekuti mukadzi uyu azourawa nekuti kun’anga kwaaive aenda akanoudzwa kuti atsvage rurimi rwemunhu,nhengo yake nemazamu,Dot anokufukunurirai zvose manje.

Lilian uyu mukadzi waMike Acropol muchena uya aida kuita MP muno akadyiwa naJohn Holder makore adarika.Zvakadaro Lilian semunhu arikuda kuhwina mavhoti mugore ra2018 akashanyira garanehakata iro rakamuudza kuti auraye ndokuti zvake zvimufambire.Akatsvaga munhu angamuitire basa iri muZvishavane ndopaakaronga zano rerima iri naAlfonso aishandira kubakery remurume wake rinonzi Echo kuti amuitire basa akamuvimbisa kumutengera Benz itsva irimumapepa.Alfonso semunhu anga agara achisapota MDC haana kupikisana nemurungu wake uyu ndipo paakafunga kunotsvaga mukadzi waaimbodanana naye waaigara achinetsana naye zvaionekwa neveruzhinji.

Muchina weCall Hacker waDot waakashandisa kutsvaga nyaya iyi unoratidza Alfonso achifonera mukadzi uyu panhamba dzake nenguva dza 20:43 achimuti vasangane ndopaakapedzisira kutaura pafoni kusvika azoita humhondi uhu.Lilian akapiwa mazamu,sikarudzi nerurimi rwemukadzi uyu akaenda nazvo kun’anga yake kunogadzirisa.Zvakare tinoongorora nhare yaLilian zuva rimwero rakaurawa mukadzi uyu tinoona akafonera Alfonso na 00:32 vakakurukura 23minutes.

Paakaona Lilian kuti nyaya iyi ingazonetsa akatorana naAlfonso akaenda kuna Tafa gweta remuZvishavane akariudza nyaya yose ndokuvhura faira muzita raAlfonso kuti kana asungwa Tafa ndiye gweta racho richamumirira mumatare.Alfonso akazonotsvagirwa kwekugara kusati kwaziva Dot asi tinofunga kuSouth Africa kwaari parizvino.Kutaura kudai Lilian anotumira mari kana kuenda nendege kuSouth Africa kunopa Alfonso mari yekurarama achimuvimbisa kuti achadzoka kana MDC yakutonga.Pliz isu hativengi munhu kana bato rake asi tinongotaura zvaitika.Mapurisa sungai senator ava vaneyese yekuurawa kwemukadzi uyu zvakare tarisai macalls ake muzvionere zvataurwa naDot kuti ndezveshuwa.”

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Magaya Sex Scandal: ‘Prophet’ Fails to Pay Girlfriend

Now Daily
Walter Magaya, the self-styled ‘prophet’ and PHD Ministry leader has failed to deliver half a million dollars demanded by a scorned girlfriend.
Feisty former Yadah TV presenter Angela Charakupa had given Magaya until last Friday to pay damages for having sex with her and then breaking a promise to marry her.
Her lawyers said Charakupa joined PHD in 2014.
‘We are further instructed
that thereafter, a love affair
developed between yourself
and our client. We are further
instructed that as a result
thereof and in September
2014,you then promised to
marry our client, purchase a
flat for her, a vehicle of her
own choice and also give her
some money that would
greatly improve her social
status in the society. We are
also further told that during
the existence of the
engagement you would give
her some gifts and money
and engage in sexual
intercourse with her on the
understanding that you would
marry her. We confirm that
we have the full particulars of
the said sexual relations.
4. However, in or about mid
2015 ,and to our client’s
dismay, you repudiated the
said agreement by displaying
conduct that clearly
amounted to a refusal to
proceed with the promised
marriage. We are informed
that the said repudiation was
wrongful and you acted
animo iniuriandi.
We are further instructed that
the aforesaid breach was
injurious to our client
resulting in her leaving your
Ministry’s employment in
December 2015.
5.We are further instructed
that as a further result of your
breach of the aforesaid
contract ,our client has
suffered both contractual and
delictual damages. She has
interalia suffered loss of
financial benefits of the
promised marriage and also
damages by the reason of
your contumacious breach of
contract whereby her
personal dignity and
reputation have been severely
impaired. We are informed
that some of her former
workmates and other
members of your Ministry
were aware of the said
relationship. We are further
informed that our client was a
Counselor in your Ministry
and as such would be
consulted by many girls for
counseling sessions, she
leant that you have multiple
sexual partners.
As a result thereof ,our client
is now extremely concerned
about her health condition
and has been advised by her
close relatives to undergo
some medical tests.
In the circumstances hereof
,our client has instructed us
to demand from you ,as we
hereby do and within seven
(7) days from date of service
of this letter:
(a) payment of the sum of
500 000.00) in full and final
settlement of all her claims
against you and
(b) a full and unconditional
apology for all whatv you did
to her during the period of
your association.
Should we not receive
payment of the said amount
as aforestated ,our client
shall be compelled to
approach the Hight Court of
Zimbabwe for releaf. Our
client’s strict instructions are
to proceed with the above
matter to its final end and
determination and she is in
possession of incontrovertible
evidence to support her
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War Vets Desert Mujuru, Back Mnangagwa

Now Daily
War veterans in the late army commander General Solomon Mujuru’s Mashonaland East stronghold have abandoned his widow Joyce Mujuru to support her rival, vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa, Now Daily has learnt.
The veterans said the death of Gen Mujuru in a mystery fire had exposed them to attacks from members of Grace Mugabe’s G40 faction of Zanu PF.
‘We decided to rally behind Ngwena because he is the only one who can protect us. G40 is taking our farms and Mai Mujuru cannot help us,’ said a war vet in Marondera.
Joice Mujuru recently launched the Zimbabwe People First party. Several of her backers have had their farms invaded by Zanu PF militants.
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Tsvangirai Sex Scandal Spills into High Court

Now Daily

  • Morgan Tsvangirai with Lilian Mpofu, aka Lilian Timveos

Lilian Mpofu, the woman accused of having sex several times in Harare lodges with Movement for Democratic Change-Tsvangirai president Morgan Tsvangirai has filed papers in the High Court in a bid to stop publication of the allegations by Now Daily.

Mpofu is claiming $2.5 million in ‘damages’ from Now Daily and its editor John Chimunhu, who has rubbished the action saying the Midlands senator was driven by a desire to punish him  and not to get justice.

Now Daily published allegations of sexual liaisons between Tsvangirai and Mpofu that were made repeatedly on a web page called Radio Chokwadi that was published by her fellow MDC-T party members.

Papers were not served and Mwonzora and Associates, who represent Mpofu are accused of suppressing vital information concerning the suit and alleged offences. The papers finally delivered by an unknown person to Chimunhu’s relative this week were defective, citing the plaintiff as Lilian Timveous who does not exist, in what smacks of criminal intent on the part of the senator who uses several names for official business in violation of the law. Her passport says she is Lilian Mpofu and not Lilian Timveos, the name she mysteriously uses in Parliament, or Lilian Timveous, which is on the legal papers filed at the High Court by Mwonzora. The papers also contain wrong addresses for both Chimunhu and Now Daily, which is domiciled in the USA and not Zimbabwe as claimed by Mpofu.

Chimunhu dismissed claims he had ignored High Court actions against him saying he was never served with any lawful order. He rejected the charges in their entirety and said he would defend the action in court.

“I am prepared to defend myself in any court of law in Zimbabwe,” Chimunhu said. “I am a whistleblower. I saw Parliament fuel coupons being sold on the black market by Senator Lilian Mpofu. That is a very serious crime in a country where the government is struggling to ensure that MPs get fuel to visit their constituencies, and where people suffer from under-representation. Naturally that is of interest to me as both a taxpayer and a citizen of Zimbabwe. For highlighting that scandal on social media, I am being victimized. All these other issues and allegations that I called her a ‘prostitute’ are peripheral and a convenient digression from the core matter of corruption in government, which even the President has condemned publicly and set up an Anti-Corruption Commission to deal with. The adultery charges cited were all over the internet for many years and were not manufactured by me but by people Mpofu actually knows, but she never challenged them. I am being asked to pay $2.5 million and bear the unknown costs of the suit, which is all very unreasonable and disproportionate to the alleged offence even if Mpofu had been defamed. It is obvious there is an ulterior motive, which is to silence me for political reasons and to cripple me financially for reasons which I shall elucidate in court.”

“This is a frivolous lawsuit which the courts must dismiss with contempt and with costs. It is not about justice. Mpofu wants revenge for being exposed as a fraudster over the fuel theft. She is approaching the court with dirty hands. She caused the media to publish false stories about me before any papers were even appropriately served, purporting to have won the case against me and defaming me, for which I intend to sue her. She hired thugs to attack me, a matter that I have discussed with her in person and for which there is evidence. She tried to get the CID to arrest me for unknown crimes. Just last Sunday, she went to the CID offices and was heard by witnesses accusing the officers of failing to carry out her instructions to have me incarcerated for no apparent reason. Now she wants to abuse the High Court, which is clearly wrong,” the editor said.

He said he would escalate the matter to the Constitutional Court as internet freedom and the right to communicate, receive and impart information under the United Nations Charter was under threat from politicians like Mpofu. He also said international protocols that govern the use of the internet were clearly unfamiliar to Mpofu’s lawyers, who wrongly advised her, telling her that she could make big money out of the action and exaggerated the damage done to her reputation by publication of the allegations on a mere blog.

Mpofu is represented by a partner of MDC-T secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora, who is accused by Mpofu’s husband Michael Timveos’s aides of also having had a sexual affair with her. Mwonzora’s financially troubled firm, Mwonzora and Associates was evicted from its city centre offices for failing to pay rentals and is now operating from Eastlea.

“I am sure this is an attempt by the bankrupt MDC-T officials to raise funds for the 2018 elections. Otherwise, how can someone who is a genuine lawyer advise a criminal who does not have fifty dollars in her handbag to buy a new wig that she can suddenly acquire millions of dollars over such a frivolous lawsuit for which there is no hope of winning? The Law Society and the government must punish incompetent and greedy lawyers who extort their hapless clients by promising them that they can fundraise in the courtroom and make millions of dollars on the basis of weak claims,” Chimunhu said. “Obviously this is a SLAPP, a strategic lawsuit to prevent public participation in a matter that is already in the public domain. Mwonzora and his client will not succeed in their attempts to abuse the courts to clean up their political reputations, which they soiled themselves by their own imprudent actions.”

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Chivayo Denies Spy Charges

Now Daily

Disgraced ‘businessman’ and close ‘friend’ of president Robert Mugabe’s wife Grace Mugabe Wicknell Chivayo has denied widespread reports that he is a spy sent to gather information on president Robert Mugabe and his family.

Chivayo, who returned to Harare last week after a long absence, said in a statement the charges were the work of his enemies, whom he could not identify but who he accused of holding ‘regular meetings’ to bring him down.

“This war suprisingly doesn’t seem to be ending or getting any better. I’m getting sick and tired of talking about the same thing over and over again. Now they’ve shifted their focus fabricating non-existent stories about my partners. Some online publications have gone DESPERATE and gone on to call me a spy or terrorist. Nonsense. My reputation is unassailable and it speaks for itself,” Chivayo said.

The media has been awash with stories, originally published by the Mail and Guardian, that Chivayo is linked to a fugitive Zambian drug dealer.

The convicted fraudster has apparently turned to religion after Zanu PF evidently abandoned him amid stormy investigations into alleged fraudulent award and payment for energy contracts.

Energy minister Samuel Undenge revealed Monday that a probe was underway to establish how Intratrek Zimbabwe, of which Chivayo is managing director received an advance payment of $4.8 million for the 100 megawatt Gwanda solar power installation.

Chivayo however said he was unfazed by the allegations, stating that God was on his side in the dispute.

Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority chief executive Joshua Chifamba told state media that the down payment to Chivayo by Zimbabwe Power Company which administers the tender was irregular as there were no guarantees to ensure the work was done after the release of the funds.

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Grace Mugabe Tops List of Cheating First Ladies

Now Daily

  • Grace Mugabe and ‘first boyfriend’ Gideon Gono

Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe’s adulterous wife Grace Mugabe has been placed on a list of the top five cheating first ladies in Africa.

The list also includes South African president Jacob Zuma’s fourth wife Nompumelelo Ntuli Zuma, Swazi king Mswati’s twelfth wife Nothando Dube, former Zambian president Frederick Chiluba’s wife and iconic former South African president Nelson Mandela’s divorced second wife Winnie Madikizela Mandela, who had sex with lawyer Dali Mpofu and journalists while her husband was languishing at Robben Island prison.

Grace Mugabe met Mugabe at State House where she worked as a switchboard operator and started committing adultery with the dictator while she was married to Air Force officer Stanley Goreraza. The adulterous affair resulted in two children while Mugabe’s wife Sally Hayfron from Ghana was still alive.

Since she officially married Mugabe in 1996, Grace Mugabe has been caught pants down with several men, most of them connected to the regime.

Her best-known affair was with Peter Pamire, a shrewd businessman and dealer in hard drugs whose break came after he defrauded Old Mutual insurance firm and started a transport business. Pamire was caught by Mugabe’s vast network of spies, however, and given two choices.

“Mugabe offered to buy Pamire a house in Greece, where he could go and live quietly for the rest of his life, being given all the money that he needed. The other option was that he would be killed,” said former Mugabe henchman Enos Chikowore in a previously unpublished interview with a Now Daily reporter. “Pamire decided to take his chances and stay in Zimbabwe. He was killed by Mugabe.”

There are allegations that at least one of Mugabe’s children, Chatunga Bellarmine was fathered by Pamire. Chatunga Bellarmine Mugabe bears a striking resemblance to Pamire’s children, with who he went to school and struck a strong friendship at St Michaels Roman Catholic School in Harare.

‘Crumpled Bed Sheets’

Grace Mugabe also had sex more than a dozen times with sacked former central bank governor Gideon Gono, according to the United Kingdom Sunday Times.

Grace Mugabe and Gono met for sex at her Mazowe farm, at more than 12 state residences around the country and in South African and Asian hotels, according to the paper. The story was apparently leaked by officials concerned by the first lady’s violation of security arrangements as Gono was never officially booked to visit.

Workers at the Mazowe farm reported having to clean up her messy bedroom with ‘crumpled sheets’ every time Gono visited ostensibly to discuss business with her. Gono was the dictator’s chief financial ‘adviser’.

Whistleblowers who include Mugabe’s late sister Sabina Mugabe and murdered former chief bodyguard Changara exposed Grace Mugabe’s affairs with other men, including James Makamba, Phillip Chiyangwa, Wicknell Chivayo and the dictator’s nephew Patrick Zhuwao, who has been made cabinet minister despite his ineptitude.

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VOA Spreads Mugabe’s Propaganda

Now Daily Analysis

  • Media manipulator: Robert Mugabe

By any definition, Zanu PF is a terrorist organization  no different in its methods, modus operandi and results to Islamic State, al Qaeda, al Shabaab or Boko Haram.

In particular, by American standards, Robert Mugabe’s outfit belongs to the black list. That is why in 2001 U.S. president George W Bush placed Mugabe and hundreds of his cronies on a list of targeted sanctions, including a travel ban, asset freeze and severe restrictions on doing business with American citzens, corporate and private.

However, listening to broadcasts of the Voice of America’s English to Zimbabwe or Studio 7 programme, one gets the impression that Zanu PF is a credible political party that deserves an equal share of the airwaves. In fact, it is near impossible for the casual listener to connect the Mugabe regime to its spokespersons who are regularly given unlimited talk time on VOA by tepid interviewers who are all too grateful for to let them blubber on with their lies and misinformation.

The VOA has become a useful platform for the regime to spew its rotten propaganda. After all, few people still listen to the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation which Mugabe controls and uses to inject the nation with heavy doses of propaganda. Even in police stations and army barracks, officers and their families watch satellite TV and listen to foreign broadcasts for the true Zimbabwean story and a breath of fresh air from the heavy indoctrination that goes with their training and work.

Over the past few years, feuding Zanu PF officials have been falling over each other to go on VOA. Studio 7, which has a questionable editorial policy for a state-sponsored broadcaster has allowed most of those squabbling officials to be heard. The danger, however, is that dictatorial regimes like that of Mugabe are masters at creating diversions from the real issues, especially the deadly effects of their corruption and misrule. It seems at present, anyone who claims to have defected from Mugabe’s party is given unlimited airtime without questioning their motives. This has shut out democratic voices for which the programme was designed in terms of the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act, under which it is funded.

Zanu PF has used shrewd methods to get on air, including bribing and threatening the VOA’s reporter. By its nature, Studio 7 maintains a string of undercover reporters in Zimbabwe, who use pseudonyms. Some of these reporters have abused this anonymity to lie and even create bogus sources, as we prove in a separate story. This anonymity has also enabled VOA to recruit active regime agents who report the station’s activities to Zanu PF.

Some say VOA had no choice. When they started, they were looking for experienced broadcasters. Because independent broadcasting is banned in Zimbabwe, VOA recruited from ZBC and Ziana. That was a cardinal mistake. All ZBC and Ziana reporters are vetted for loyalty to Mugabe by the Central Intelligence Organization. No one is allowed to work for any length of time at ZBC or to rise to a significant post without proving their loyalty. As with every terrorist organization, the only way to prove loyalty is by attacking the regime’s opponents.

ZBC presenters like Brenda Moyo and Praxedes Jeremiah who were made stars at VOA may have been experienced in setting the mixer levels, but they were clearly out of their depth in terms of democratic credentials. They failed to make the sort of impact expected of such a well-funded broadcaster for a variety of reasons. They had hang-ups about their past under the dictator which, to some had benefits. They feared for their families because when the CIO vets journalists, they make sure to record everything, including your grandmother’s home address, just in case one decides to defect. The worst part, however, is that these new VOA baggage had heavy Zanu PF propaganda baggage which they could not shed easily. To cap it all, Zimbabweans did not trust that they could the plunge from being Mugabe’s paid liar one day and a democratic journalist the next day. So, most of these new VOA reporters can earn their salaries but have failed to earn the respect of credible sources within the democratic movement.

This manifests itself in the VOA’s regular practice of promoting people with zero impact on the democratic landscape in Zimbabwe but with a social media presence, which is probably all that counts to the American editors and controllers in Washington. As an example, Caroline Gombakomba, otherwise known at ZBC as Caroline Mugabe, was notorious for coming up with shadowy ‘politicians’ around election times and insisting they should be accorded equal time to established parties like the MDC. This manufacturing of sources backfired because the said politicians, who were usually CIO operatives vanished soon after the elections, proving that they never existed in the first place.

We wholly agree with the observation by activist group Consumer Action that giving a voice on the airwaves to Zanu PF militants equates to allowing Islamic State or al Qaeda unlimited airtime. Why is it VOA policy to limit what ISIS or al Qaeda can say on air and cut the time allocated for their ‘side’ of the story while allowing Zanu PF murderers unlimited access to the airwaves.

As we reported on this website, Zanu PF’s propaganda planners have a new strategy. They’ve realised that no one will listen to them on Bobstation, so they are making a beeline to the VOA, presenting themselves as moderates, reformers or dissenters. This has, apparently, fooled the VOA mandarins in Washington. American taxpayers are footing the bill for allowing Mugabe to be seen in good light.

The editorial incompetence at VOA News has become all too apparent with the emergence of social media. Studio 7 has lost the grip on listeners that it once had. Their style of routinely following up on what has been published in local papers is no longer viable. By the time they go on air, many VOA programmes carry yesterday’s news. Social media and a growing number of Zim-centric news websites have enabled Zimbabweans to interact with the news as it happens and not wait for the evening news bulletin to know what is going on.

Studio 7 is staffed by a lot of regime sympathisers or people with ties that bind within the system. It was a useful strategy in the past when news sources from inside were hard to come by. However, with the disintegration of Zanu PF and the growth in the number of whistle blowers such a strategy is no longer viable.

On the whole, the VOA Zimbabwe service needs to be streamlined to conform to American foreign policy on Zimbabwe. That is not to say they will lose their independence as journalists. Actually, it will make Studio 7 more robust and selective of its sources and news gathering strategies. Currently, the undercover reporter can also be the undercover liar, as happened a few years ago when a Studio reporter claimed that Brendan Taylor had played very well when, in fact Taylor had not even played on the day in question. The reporter later confided to Now Daily that he had not even watched the match as he claimed. But such stories still get aired and the reporters still get paid, damaging the reputation of an otherwise reputable media service with a long tradition of exposing rare and hidden facts even though it is under U.S. government control.

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