Tsvangirai, Mujuru Seal Election Coalition Deal

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  • Coalition partners: Tsvangirai and Mujuru at Wednesday’s signing ceremony.


(MDC-T President)

Today is a historic day in many ways.

It is the first day of the 38th year of our independence but with the majority of Zimbabweans with nothing to show for it except dire poverty, extreme suffering, hunger and disease.
Yesterday, we had a leader who skirted the critical issues affecting the people during the commemoration of our independence, an important day that has now been privatized by a political party.

It is against this background that we have chosen this day to give hope to the people of Zimbabwe that indeed that there is a bright light at the end of this very dark tunnel.
We have chosen this day to take the first step to bring all Zimbabweans under one roof so that we can work together to remove this unmitigated repression and misgovernance that pervades our lives.

I am pleased to inform the nation that today we have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Dr. Joice Mujuru of the National people’s party to establish a pre-election alliance en route to the establishment of a coalition government which shall drive a comprehensive democratization and transformation agenda.

This is just the beginning of the building blocks towards establishing a broad alliance to confront Zanu PF between now and the next election in 2018. Similar arrangements will be entered into with other political formations and we will inform you as it happens, as we have done today.

While political parties have their role in nation-building, it must be understood that they are not the only stakeholders. We are in this together with other key stakeholders such as traditional leaders, the church, labour, vendors, war veterans, civic society, business and the generality of Zimbabweans.

This is our collective struggle and I call upon the people of Zimbabwe to join us in working together and in playing your part so that we can reclaim our country, our freedom and our dignity.

To the youth, the future belongs to you. Shape it and the first step in doing so is by registering to vote.

  • Signing ceremony.

Even at the over-ripe old age of 93, President Mugabe knows that the country’s crisis is unsustainable. Every Zimbabwean from every station of life knows it too. So we should all stand together in unison and say enough is enough. As President Mugabe enters the sunset of his life, it is incumbent upon all of us to pick the pieces and rebuild our country together.
I hope the understanding we reached today, and which we will reach with many others, will culminate in a solid political co-operation agreement that should usher in a new governance culture in our country.

Today, marks the beginning of Zimbabweans coming together in building an inclusive society that prides itself in leaving no one behind.

The future can only be bright for this country that we all love.

I thank you.

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Bungling CIO Assassin Dies

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  • Hitman: Chivamba.

Kizito Chivamba, the bungling Central Intelligence Organisation hitman who failed to kill former opposition politician Patrick Kombayi in a widely publicized assassination attempt, has died.

Chivamba, a strong ally of vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa, was recently appointed Zanu PF Midlands provincial vice chairman. Chivamba, the former Midlands chair, bounced back into the provincial structures after initially being sacked by party commissar and Mnangagwa rival Saviour Kasukuwere, who is now under pressure to leave his party and government positions.

Chivamba was assigned by former vice president Simon Muzenda to take out Kombayi, a hotelier and former Gweru mayor, during campaigning for parliamentary elections. His shot went wide and hit Kombayi in the genitals, causing him to spend months of treatment in a United Kingdom.

Midlands Zanu PF spokesperson Cornelius Mupereri said Chiamba (59), the MP for Chiwundura died at Gweru provincial Wednesday morning after a ‘short illness’. The nature of the illness was not disclosed.

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Ronia Bunjira Death Shocks MDC-T

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  • Tsvangirai speaks at Bunjira funeral.

The Movement for Democratic Change has been thrown into mourning following the death of Harare MP Ronia Bunjira.

Bunjira, the party’s Harare province women’s assembly chairperson will be remembered for her active role in organizing a protest by vendors which shook the regime of Robert Mugabe in 2015.

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Mnangagwa, Obert Mpofu Implicated in Gold Wars

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  • Smiling all the way to the bank: Mnangagwa.

Vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa and economics minister Obert Mpofu have been named as the kingpins in the ongoing deadly fights for control of gold production by illegal miners in the Midlands and Matabeleland South.

According to underworld sources who spoke to Now Daily Wednesday, ‘Ngwena’, as Mnangagwa is known, had a gang of armed hustlers operating in his name called ‘Team Ra Mnangagwa’ who specialized in robbing informal gold miners.

“Team Ra Mnangagwa are a no-nonsense group. If they approach you and demand the gold that you have, just give it to them. Don’t ever try to negotiate and don’t wait for them to take out their guns because once they do that they’ll shoot someone,” said a source.

Mpofu, the Zanu PF treasurer, was said to have his own gang in Gwanda, while former sports deputy minister Andrew Langa had dangerous thugs working for him in the gold-rich Insiza district where he was MP before being sacked by Mugabe over claims he was affiliated to Joice Mujuru.

The government claims that it has set up a special cabinet committee chaired by home affairs minister Ignatius Chombo. However, the taskforce has not produced any results and has failed to fulfil its promises to have the army deployed in the Midlands and Matabeleland to curb the violence which has seen hundreds of people killed and thousands injured, mostly by machetes, the gold warrior’s favourite weapon.

Mining Workers Union of Zimbabwe national first vice president Peter Mudzviti said the “matter must be addressed and resolved urgently at a civilian level”.

“While the army may be involved in maintaining law and order in extreme cases, the regular police must be empowered to do their jobs effectively and the matter must be resolved with the involvement of the whole community,” Mudzviti told Now Daily.

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Chrome Smuggling Rampant as Zimbabwe Exports are Suspended

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  • Dubious deals: former mines minister Obert Mpofu.

Chrome miners in Zimbabwe are once again singing the blues after exports from the country were suspended by the government, resulting in a thriving black market allegedly run by senior state officials.

Several chrome mines have collapsed after going for more than six months without payment from Apple Bridge Investments, the bankrupt government firm in charge of chrome marketing. Deputy mines minister Fred Moyo said he would visit Nyala Rhonda chrome mines run by women’s co-operatives, which were reported on the brink of closure due to non-payment for chrome stockpiles.

“From the beginning of the year, we haven’t had much export because of the standoff between buyers and sellers,” said Apple Bridge representative Georgina Mfundi.

Mfundi told the recent Minex conference in Zvishavane that disputes arose with foreign chrome buyers after some local chrome miners failed to deliver according to their promises.

“We had a problem with side-marketing. We couldn’t deliver to people who had paid. This is having an effect on the country,” Mfundi said.

Mining industry sources said smuggling of the mineral was rife but the miners were being ripped off by middlemen.

Zimbabwe banned exports of raw chrome in 2009 but reversed the decision five years later after failing to set up smelters to process the mineral.

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amid a raging dispute between

Activists Slam Truworths’ Free Make-up Offer to Mark #Women’sMonth

Gender activists have condemned chain store Truworths for offering free make-up as part of their celebrations of Women’s Month.

“Women are always criticized for demanding trivial things. This campaign just makes it worse. Now the men are saying all women want is make-up,” said Trudy Magadza.


Mugabe to Deploy Army in Gold War Zone

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  • Police have failed to end the fighting.

President Robert Mugabe’s government says it is making preparations to deploy the country’s dreaded military in the Midlands and Matabeleland provinces rocked by extreme violence as illegal miners fight for control of the areas’ rich gold fields. Mines minister Walter Chidhakwa said security ministers would tour Zvishavane and Kwekwe, where hundreds have been killed and injured in the so-called ‘machete wars’ to assess the situationand pave way for a full-scale army invasion.