Grace Mugabe’s Presidential Bid Flops

Image result for grace mugabe and saviour kasukuwere

  • Mugabe and ‘Dr Amai’.

Now Daily

First lady ‘Dr Amai’ Grace Mugabe’s bid to succeed her husband as president has come to a crashing end following the decision by Zanu PF’s 10 provinces to remove her right-hand man Saviour ‘Tyson’ Kasukuwere as party commissar, it emerged.

Kasukuwere, the leader of the G40 faction backing Grace Mugabe, is now fighting for political survival after ruling party members nationally voted to have him removed from his influential party and government posts.

War veterans accuse Grace Mugabe of violating a long-standing party code that the posts of political commissar and security be held by former fighters. She catapulted Kasukuwere into the powerful party commissar position, brushing aside objections from the veterans. Grace Mugabe said at the time that being a war veteran was not a guarantee of good leadership and helped her ‘friend’ to get the post.

The G40 faction is now in disarray, according to party sources. Kasukuwere’s fate now awaits a decision from president Robert Mugabe, who has previously protected him on behalf of his wife. Another G40 leading light Jonathan Moyo is also facing the sack for associating with Kasukuwere and publicly denouncing the command agriculture programme led by Grace Mugabe’s main rival for the presidency, vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Mugabe’s nephew Patrick Zhuwao, who was fighting in Grace Mugabe’s corner, has already been silenced amid corruption allegations. Zhuwao was found to have given a lucrative consulting contract to his alleged girlfriend and paid her tens of thousands of dollars.

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