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Activists Slam Truworths’ Free Make-up Offer to Mark #Women’sMonth

Gender activists have condemned chain store Truworths for offering free make-up as part of their celebrations of Women’s Month.

“Women are always criticized for demanding trivial things. This campaign just makes it worse. Now the men are saying all women want is make-up,” said Trudy Magadza.


Mugabe to Deploy Army in Gold War Zone

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  • Police have failed to end the fighting.

President Robert Mugabe’s government says it is making preparations to deploy the country’s dreaded military in the Midlands and Matabeleland provinces rocked by extreme violence as illegal miners fight for control of the areas’ rich gold fields. Mines minister Walter Chidhakwa said security ministers would tour Zvishavane and Kwekwe, where hundreds have been killed and injured in the so-called ‘machete wars’ to assess the situationand pave way for a full-scale army invasion.

Zimbabwe Floods Kill 300

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As many as 300 people have been killed and 3 000 others displaced by Cyclone Dineo, which triggered the worst flooding to hit Zimbabwe in decades.

State media finally admitted the high number of the dead and displaced on Sunday. This was after the government failed to cope with the tragedy which left whole villages deserted after the inhabitants fled to safety, some thousands of people being helicoptered out by the Air Force after being marooned.

The ZBC report did not say how the people died or where, nor give dates and personal information. In fact, the figure was mentioned in passing in a report by Spren Mutiwi about reconstruction efforts in Matabeleland. State media were apparently banned from reporting on the disaster when it happened and instead focussed attention on festivities to mark president Robert Mugabe’s lavish 93rd birthday celebrations in Matabeleland, close to the centre of the catastrophe.

The government eventually admitted it privately to diplomats and declared it a state of disaster, but only after nudging from European countries, which refused to grant aid unless the emmergency was officially proclaimed. On Thursday, 16 people died in an accident caused by poor roads damaged by Dineo, which swept through southern Africa mid-February.

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How the United States and the West Fund Robert Mugabe


Now Daily Investigation

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  • Secret funding: Mugabe, Donald Trump.

Forget the hullabaloo about sanctions on Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe. Western governments, especially the United States, are at the forefront of funding the luxury lifestyle the despot still enjoys despite being banned from traveling to Western countries and shopping there for 16 years.

Despite the sanctions and threats by US president Donald Trump to act to remove Mugabe, the despot’s wife Grace Mugabe, who is eyeing the presidency herself, can still get a $2.5 million diamond ring from Cartier’s or Tiffany’s in New York and her favourite designer shoes from Ferragamo. The Mugabes can also afford to maintain multi-million dollar holiday palaces in Singapore and Dubai as well as villas in Hong Kong’s elite district where they spend several months on holiday each year while also escaping the poverty, suffering and disease that have engulfed their country.

Mugabe can afford a life of opulence knowing that the West will fund his basic needs. They are also there to sponsor the largesse that endears him with his relatives, friends and cronies and ensures their undying loyalty which keeps him in power.

Mugabe can afford to be reckless, knowing that the West will pick up the tab for his misrule and keep the population fed so that there is no revolution. Just recently, the despot threw a lavish $12 million birthday party for thousands of members of his Zanu PF party, friends, relatives and cronies at an elite holiday resort named after imperialist businessman Cecil John Rhodes.

Days later, Mugabe declared the flooding and damage caused by Cyclone Dineo close to the scene of his churlish festivities a national disaster and sent the begging bowl to all Western diplomatic missions in Harare and the United Nations. The sympathetic Westerners, moved by reports of death and destruction, were taken on a helicopter ride by Mugabe’s right-hand man, Saviour Kasukuwere, the minister of local government and an operative in the tyrant’s private army, the Central Intelligence Organisation.

Within hours, tens of millions of dollars had been raised. However, as past experience shows, the money will be shared among a few government ministers, who will spring it abroad in briefcases and keep it for themselves. No questions will be asked. The diplomats know how the game is played here. The shrewd among them will pocket what they can and look the other way while their countries’ taxes are looted by Mugabe and Zanu PF.

“The Mugabe government can mobilise $12 million within a few days from its bankrupt parastatals for his birthday celebrations but cannot provide for the needs of a few thousand flood victims? That doesn’t make sense unless you understand how the West props up Mugabe. He is a demigod. He uses the country’s taxes to pamper himself and his family. The West takes care of the needs of Zimbabweans, otherwise they’ll die. It’s an unwritten agreement, the kind that applied to Mobutu, Idi Amin, Kaddafi and Mubarak,” said a spokesman for activist group Consumer Action, which has compiled details of how Western aid funds and projects are hijacked by the dictator, his family and hangers on who include intelligence officers and military generals.

Emmergency Aid

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  • Waiting in vain: Patients queue while AIDS funds disappear.

A week after Mugabe’s phenomenal birthday bash, the US ambassador Harry K Thomas announced that his government was providing $100 million ostensibly to assist people with AIDS in Zimbabwe. However, those familiar with the dictator’s system know that a good chunk of that money will be hijacked and go to fund Zanu PF’s 2018 election campaign. This week, committees were being formed by Zanu PF members across the country to steal the US funds through a programme called the Basic Education Assistance Module or BEAM by taking money meant for funding the schooling of nearly one million children orphaned by AIDS.

Here is how it works. After the US president George W Bush imposed sanctions on Mugabe in 2001 and the European Union followed suit the next year, aid funds dried up. This threw the regime into turmoil as it could no longer gain access to the billions of dollars of aid funds which were previously distributed to supporters along political party lines.

But there was a loophole. The West was still giving money for AIDS, which affects a quarter of the population. The United States, the country’s largest aid donor since independence in 1980, was still prepared to give money to causes to do with AIDS but this could only be done through non-governmental organisations. In 2008, Mugabe accused the NGOs of funding the opposition Movement for Democratic Change and banned them. Thousands of people who depended on the NGOs for medication and food died. Another 4 000 people died in the world’s worst cholera outbreak in modern times after the despot barred donors from assisting them.

Realising how heartless Mugabe was and that he did not care about the death and suffering of his people, the Global Fund on AIDS, to which the US and other countries contributes funds, finally agreed to a demand by the dictator that all aid funds were now to be channelled through the government through its agency, the National AIDS Council (NAC). Mugabe also banned credible AIDS service organisations and encouraged his supporters to form bogus organisations through which the US could grant aid. These are typically emasculated by Zanu PF’s tentacles, with senior party officials benefitting from the scam.

The National Aids Council now gets millions annually from the so-called Global Fund of the United Nations AIDS organisation UNAIDS and from a local tax, the AIDS levy, where all workers are forced to hand over three per cent of their salaries. The head of NAC, Tapuwa Magure is an army doctor who is famous for living large at the expense of buying medicines for sick people. The auditor-general Mildred Chiri accused Magure in a report of buying luxury cars, living in expensive hotels, dining regularly in trendy restaurants and travelling frequently abroad using NAC funds.

In 2015, nearly one million children orphaned by AIDS failed to attend school or write crucial examinations because millions of dollars earmarked for that purpose was stolen by officials in Magure’s office and he did nothing about it. He is also accused of running up the expenses of a luxury lifestyle for himself and his staff while people with AIDS cannot access drugs for which the donations are made. The auditor-general found evidence of theft of AIDS drugs, which flooded the black market but could not be found in hospitals. Theft of the drugs was rampant, according to the report, with health workers taking supplies in the names of dead people or relatives who were not sick.  Apart from direct theft of aid money, Mugabe has stuffed the NAC and all agencies with access to aid funds with his relatives, cronies and CIO operatives.

The US President’s Pepfar project is also sponsoring dubious AIDS programmes in Zimbabwe run by people with close ties to the regime. Diplomats do not question this, or the provision of AIDS drugs and other assistance only to members of Zanu PF while the rest of the people are excluded. Former US ambassador James McGee who confronted the regime over these thefts in 2008/9 was arrested, threatened and harassed. McGee was denied the traditional farewell cup of tea with Mugabe when he left Harare, in an attempt to embarrass him but the diplomat remained defiant.

“I will not give a cent of American taxpayers’ money to thieves,” McGee said before he launched a legal case against Zanu PF militias that looted a US food warehouse in Mutare.

Other ambassadors have tried appeasement, giving money to causes and characters acceptable to the regime in the hope of riding out their terms without controversy.

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  • Mugabe wears the most expensive watches and Grace goes for diamond rings.

Days earlier, Thomas was at Musasa Project, a non-governmental organisation that gets millions of dollars from Washington and other donors ostensibly to support women suffering from spousal violence, but effectively to take care of Mugabe’s many relatives. Musasa is headed by Netsai Musanhu, who is related to senior Zanu PF politicians. The NGO is one of the few approved by the regime on condition that part of its funding is pooled into Zanu PF causes and that it does not ruffle feathers. Gatekeepers have also been planted within the organisation to block cases of domestic violence involving prominent Zanu PF and security officials. Several Musasa Project officers were sacked in the 1990s when they started investigating cases of horrific violence against women by police officers. Security forces remain among the greatest abusers of women, but the investigation into their conduct was dropped and is no longer discussed publicly.

There are many reasons why the US would give money to its declared enemy Mugabe just as there were good reasons to fund the brutal regime of Mubarak in Egypt. The logic is that if Western countries go all the way against Mugabe and allow the sanctions to be effective, Zimbabwe will explode into civil war. This would disrupt transport and communication within the southern African sub-region and dent the profits of mining and industrial conglomerates such as Unilever and Anglo American Corp, and the downstream beneficiaries which keep the world’s stock and commodity markets running.

So, regularly, Western ambassadors are featured on local television, not ashamed to be signing cheques and giving the millions of dollars that keep Mugabe in power and his killing machine oiled for the business of pulverizing the population. As for ordinary Zimbabweans, all they get is ‘moral support’ in the form of regular statements condemning Mugabe’s horrific human rights abuses. A day after Thomas announced giving $100 million to the Mugabe regime, the US state department published its annual human rights report for 2016, giving details of the gruesome activities of the killing machine that the dictator has perfected over the years using Western funds.

“Instead of continuously giving emergency aid to Mugabe, which he always abuses, the United States and Western countries should do more to encourage democracy in the country and allow us to solve our own problems,” Consumer Action’s Kate Nhema told Now Daily. “AIDS is a poverty disease. As long as Mugabe is in power and ruling by decree and by terror, the economy will not improve and poverty will increase. The US can give Mugabe a trillion dollars but that will not end poverty and AIDS will continue to flourish.”

Zimbabweans are sceptical about Trump’s promises to act decisively against Mugabe. Bush, who issued regular threats and called Mugabe a ‘tyrant’, did not follow up his harsh statements with practical action. In power for the last 37 years Mugabe, like his hero Fidel Castro, likes to boast that he has outlasted several American presidents and is not afraid of the latest threats.

Apart from hijacking aid programmes meant for Mugabe’s victims, the dictator has received training and logistical support for his brutal military and intelligence services as well as propaganda systems. The Central Intelligence Agency, along with the United Kingdom’s MI5, Germany’s BND, Israel’s Mossad and the South African apartheid-era spy agency BOSS trained Mugabe’s private army, the Central Intelligence Organisation in terror tactics in the 1980s while the latter was carrying out the Gukurahundi massacres in which up to 50 000 people were murdered in Matabeleland and Midlands. The CIA maintains close ties with key operatives of the CIO such as Chris Mutsvangwa, the chairman of the war veterans association, who was found to have hosted Washington’s alleged former top agent in Harare, Eric Little, at his farm in Norton. Mugabe’s government exposed Little as a ‘spy’, triggering alarm within the ranks of opposition parties with whom the US operative had developed close ties, posing as a ‘political and economic officer’.

The United States army has also trained some of Mugabe’s top military officers, such as Brigadier General Chimombe and others like information minister Supa Mandiwanzira, who went to the US under a government programme while he was an operative at Mugabe’s propaganda outfit, the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC), a massive information gathering operation for the CIO.

Many of Mugabe’s top advisers, including cabinet ministers Jonathan Moyo, Ignatius Chombo, Joseph Made, Oppah Muchinguri, the late vice president John Nkomo as well as virulent media regulator Tafataona Mahoso were trained in the US. Moyo is still on the editorial board of a key Indiana University publication while a US embassy official in Harare showed me Mahoso’s secret communication with the mission.

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  • Royalty: Mugabe’s daughter weds.

The US has also done a lot to take the heat off Mugabe by accommodating his relatives and children of top officials on educational programmes. When the US government’s Voice of America propaganda station introduced a broadcast service for Zimbabwe known as Studio 7 or English to Zimbabwe, they went about recruiting at the state-run ZBC and New Ziana news agency where staffers are known to be inducted into the CIO before getting employed. For that reason it took long for the station to get traction with the pro-democracy movement, to grasp the issues or to get a grip on independent journalism for characters so used to parroting their master’s voice.

Such a waste of America public resources or sponsorship for this dictator is never reported in the American media. Journalists who dare question this abuse risk getting blacklisted by the US embassy here, which means not being invited to official events and not getting responses to enquiries or requests for interviews. I asked former ambassador Bruce Wharton why he was meeting so publicly with Mugabe’s officials, including the ruthless former state security minister Diymus Mutasa, which was interpreted as tacit approval of the dictator’s policies soon after the rigged 2013 elections. He told me that I could not tell him how to do his job or who to meet and not to meet. Such insensitivity by US officials has only served to harden the attitudes of ordinary Zimbabweans towards Washington and American interests in general.

A militant narrative against the US is emerging in Zimbabwe, especially among the youth, women and students who bear the brunt of Mugabe’s misrule. Many here feel that the US is protecting Mugabe in the same way they protected other dictators like Mubarak and Mobutu because he allows foreign companies to loot the country’s resources at will despite his aggressive nationalistic statements. The death of Cecil the lion at the hands of an American hunter who has not been punished for the offence has done a lot to reinforce this view in the Hwange area, where a lot of US tourists visit.

“If you kill these animals to eat because you are hungry, Mugabe will send you to jail for a long time. But these Americans come here to kill the animals for fun, so that they can display their skins in their cupboards as trophies and they get special treatment from the government. I don’t understand this,” said a youth who lives close to the game park popular with US tourists.

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Zimbabweans Must Reject Mugabe’s Suicide Mission against the West


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  • Trump, Mugabe.

The time has come for Zimbabweans to decide whether to go down with Robert Mugabe in his unwinnable crusade against the West or jump off his sinking ship and let him drown alone.

This is a simple choice. The countries that Mugabe is fighting and that have imposed sanctions against him and his inner circle, the USA, European Union member states, Canada, Australia, Switzerland and a handful of others have made it plain that they have no beef with the people of Zimbabwe. They are out to punish Mugabe and the regime figures who have participated in his atrocities which include murder of political opponents, election rigging, corruption and state-sponsored lawlessness.

What Zimbabwe needs right now is a president who can go to Washington, London, Paris and other world capitals to talk about trade and development instead of perpetually whining about colonialism in an attempt to deceive the public while stealing public resources as Mugabe has done. We need a leader who will listen to others in the global community instead of justifying wrongdoing by instituting mayhem, brazen criminality and gangsterism.

Mugabe is on a suicide mission and is out to sacrifice Zimbabweans both as weapons and human shields. He may have sympathisers in the military and intelligence services but the reality is that these are just hired guns while others are simply too terrified of him. None of these people support his irrational actions, which is why they are selling his secrets and fighting among themselves. As for the rest of us, we are not with Mugabe in this and cannot be made to suffer for his actions that are actually hurting us. We are the victims and the sooner the world recognizes this, the better.

While established terror groups like ISIS, al Qaeda, al Shabab and Boko Haram conceal their horrific acts in religious self-righteousness, Mugabe covers his brand of madness with patriotism.

The common denominator between Mugabe and the listed groups is that they claim that their war is against the ‘evil West’ when, in fact, it is their own people who suffer the most.

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  • No jobs: educated Zimbabweans reduced to street vending.

Let’s get things in perspective. If ISIS’s war is against the United States and Christianity, why are its fighters so preoccupied with killing defenceless men, women and children in Mosul and Baghdad? If Boko Haram’s fight is against Western education as its name suggests, why kidnap and rape 12 year-old kids from Chibok high school? It’s the height of insanity.

The same logic must apply to Mugabe. If he is the ‘messiah’ that he claims to be, out to rescue Zimbabwe and Africa from the remnants of colonial rule and slavery, why is it that he is targeting his own people for brutality and violence and not the Western powers that colonized us? Why are women being raped in Mbare by his Chipangano militia and the rest of the country is frozen with fear of his Border Gezi militia, which has been incorporated into the police, army and civil service? Why are Zimbabweans the victims of his murderous rage against the West? Something is wrong here and it doesn’t need a rocket scientist to see that we are being used as fodder in a global power game from which we will never benefit or emerge unscathed.

Mugabe and his terrorist lookalikes have a ready answer to this. They will accuse their targets of co-operating and collaborating with the West, and of being puppets fit for nothing but extermination. And because Mugabe claims to be more patriotic than all of us, he has also become the self-appointed executioner of all so-called collaborators with the West.

Zimbabweans must begin to reject this twisted narrative, which Mugabe and Zanu PF have peddled since the 1960s to justify murder of political opponents and plunging the country into chaos. With Mugabe and his Zanu PF bunglers, Zimbabwe is in a constant state of war. We are told that our shadows are our enemies and we must eliminate them by killing ourselves. The time has come to say no to Mugabe’s suicide mission against the people because it will only end in disaster.

If anyone wanted evidence that Mugabe is an unreconstructed extremist who is ready to sink Zimbabwe for personal gratification that proof is contained in the latest United States human rights report published on March 6 2017. The report gives a chilling insight into Mugabe’s terror machine that has come to choke all aspects of our lives.

According to the state department report, our police shoot people to death for no reason, our prison officers steal sanitary ware meant for prisoners, the army is deployed to intimidate civilians and judges take bribes. This is not the Zimbabwe we want. The power is within us to say no to Mugabe and move on with our lives.

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ZBC must be Disbanded, Rebranded

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  • Propaganda machine: Mugabe at ZBC.


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The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation has totally failed to fulfill its mandate as a public broadcaster.

To imagine that the circus at Pockets Hill is being funded by millions of dollars of our taxes just makes the heart bleed. Every Zimbabwean is contributing to the survival of ZBC through mandatory payment of licence fees and statutory allocation of our VAT payments through the treasury.

However, the ZBC has nothing to show for squandering our money. Apart from spreading president Robert Mugabe and his Zanu PF party’s propaganda, the ZBC is serving virtually no purpose and should just be disbanded before being brought back as a rebranded entity.

The ZBC should be an independent, impartial, non-partisan broadcaster that presents news that is relevant to the majority of Zimbabweans, is true, fair and balanced. The broadcaster must be accessible to all the people at all times, regardless of political affiliation, type of message, race, gender, colour, tribe or creed. However, as things stand, the broadcaster has been hijacked by Zanu PF and its business interests. No other party, business or entity may get fair coverage at reasonable cost as the Constitution envisages when it talks about freedom of expression. It would be strange for the supreme law to guarantee our right to express ourselves and advance our political views if we are denied the means to free expression that are freely available to citizens in a democracy through public broadcasting.

The ZBC’s emasculation of public views extends to its editorial policies. No one can go on air to openly criticize Mugabe or any of his government programmes. The right to own property is fundamental to a democracy. But in terms of ZBC editorial policy, no one is allowed to express views on the land reform programme that contradict those of Mugabe and Zanu PF. In short, the debate on land ownership and use, which is crucial to economic recovery, is currently suspended.

Mugabe has personal disagreements with many countries in Africa and abroad because of his record of violating human rights, rigging elections and corruption. The ZBC prefers instead to advance the parochial argument that Mugabe’s fight with the rest of the world must be a fight for all Zimbabweans. This editorial policy is wrong because no leader is above nation and the problems of an unpopular party leader who clings to state power through brutality cannot be made out to be the problems of Zimbabwe. There is a lot of goodwill for Zimbabweans all over the world but evidently no sympathy for Mugabe’s self-inflicted wounds. The sooner we separate Mugabe from nation, state and government, the better. We cannot allow ourselves to be punished for the sins of one man who chooses to play God or to use us as cannon fodder in his endless wars with the civilised world and all reasonable, logical people.

The ZBC also does not allow anyone to talk about leadership of the country, or how the president is performing on specific issues and programmes. Only the ZBC’c own commentators can waffle at will, parroting their master’s groggy voice and twisted logic.

Image result for soul jah love

  • Singing praises: Soul Jah Love.

To make matters worse, the broadcaster has been subverted by George Charamba, a Central Intelligence Organization operative and permanent secretary for the ministry of information, media and broadcasting who believes that he must use it to advance the cause of his Lacoste faction of Zanu PF led by vice president Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa.

An MDC MP sued the ZBC and obtained a judgment against forcible collection of licence fees from all television owners by the broadcaster. However, ZBC is in wilful violation of that judgment and has continued to use threats, intimidation and lies to extort funds from a gullible public.

Someone must sue ZBC over its editorial policy, which promotes dictator Mugabe and Zanu PF whether they are right or wrong. At the expense of what is good for the country and in treasonous fashion, ZBC has put itself at the service of one man and his personal political agenda. It does not matter that the person in question is the president. He is subject to the law and we all have a Constitutional right to be protected from his excesses. How can a country so rich in opinion and diverse perspectives like Zimbabwe be subjected to the neurotic voice of one dying old man? It is not only illegal and unconstitutional but also defies logic.

ZBC is perpetually bankrupt and cannot pay reasonable staff salaries on time. Yet on a daily basis they insist on insulting the very people who must bring money to them, including opposition political parties and private businesses that want to advertise. How many times has the ZBC violated contracts by failing to broadcast adverts for which it has been paid, simply because Charamba disagrees with the content or despises the source of the material?

Daily, we are subjected to propaganda disguised as news on ZBC stations. We are forced to watch the lies about the ‘success’ of the disaster known as the ‘command farming’ programme. Important issues such as the floods triggered by Cyclone Dineo are relegated to the background. Then we have these curious, endless fundraising stories about relatives of ZBC workers asking for tens of thousands of dollars to go for treatment in India. Why India? Why not Zimbabwe, where we have some of the best doctors in the world?

Occasionally, we get told about what the president and the so-called ‘first family’ is doing. But the coverage is self-serving and of little benefit to ordinary Zimbabweans who want to know what the president is actually doing for the nation which he is supposed to be leading, and not his wife, children and relatives.

The so-called news is produced by people who are not even journalists but state security operatives planted into the media to extend Mugabe’s network of spies and informers. Apart from parroting the official line, these people are not good for anything except parading their hypocrisy and ignorance on television. All of it in bad English!

Despite the existence of good productions in Zimbabwe, we are still expected to pay licence fees to see old and boring Western and Indian films that we don’t even want to see. The acting CEO of ZBC is totally out of his depth. He has no knowledge of broadcasting and should not be confirmed as CEO.

Corruption, sex scandals and stupidity are rampant at ZBC. No wonder Zimbabweans have voted with their dollars by subscribing to foreign broadcasting platforms like DStv. Our bungling government is now trying by all means to ban DStv. It worked in the 1980s. in the internet age it doesn’t work. Somebody tell that to George Charamba.

Charamba must also explain how ZBC got to be granted six of the 12 TV channels that will be awarded as a result of ongoing digitalization. There was no public tender as required by the principles of good governance. So, who decided on who should get what? And how are the other six channels going to be distributed. If our experience with the granting of radio licences is anything to go by, we can easily foretell that the rest will be given to Zimpapers and other interests linked to Robert Mugabe.

It is clear that unless these Zanu PF bunglers are driven out of office, we will continue to be subjected to the same drivel that has dominated our airwaves since independence in 1980. Despite the promise of more vibrant and truly independent voices emerging through digitalisation and internet broadcasting, Zimbabweans will continue to suffer the monopoly propaganda of ZBC and its handlers.

No nation has ever advanced holistically by suppressing communication. Successful nations are those that give more information to people, not less, and allow the people to talk among themselves, no matter how unpalatable or how inconvenient the conversations may be to the people in power.

Instead of improving the state’s own communication systems, all Mugabe can think of is banning people from the airwaves. They are currently drafting the flawed so-called Cyber Security and Computers Bill to limit the ability of people to broadcast and communicate through the internet. How backward!

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