Chiyangwa Dumps ‘Best Friend’ Kasukuwere

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  • Better days: Kasukuwere (left) with Chiyangwa before the fallout.

Zanu PF central committee member Phillip Chiyangwa has abandoned his former ‘best friend’ and business partner, the beleaguered party political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere who is fighting for political survival after eight of the party’s ten provinces demanded his removal, it emerged.

Chiyangwa put the nail in Kasukuwere’s coffin at a decisive meeting of the party’s Mashonaland West executive Wednesday where a vote of no confidence was passed on the party commissar. Chiyangwa declared that his former close buddy should leave his position.

“We thank the province for a quick job, remember we are going for elections next year and those who do not perform like Kasukuwere should give way to those who are capable,” Chiyangwa said.

Chiyangwa belongs to vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Lacoste faction of Zanu PF while Kasukuwere is with first lady Grace Mugabe’s G40.

Mashonaland East and West provinces passed votes of no confidence Wednesday against Kasukuwere, a close ally of president Robert Mugabe’s wife Grace Mugabe and leading member of her G40 faction. Kasukuwere has been accused of abusing his powerful party position to promote the secret campaign by Grace Mugabe to succeed her ailing 93 year-old husband as president.

Kasukuwere faces charges of corruption involving the sale of land earmarked for party youths and tampering with party structures in an attempt to remove Mugabe from office through unconstitutional means.

Mugabe has failed to douse the political fires raging against ‘Tyson’, Kasukuwere’s nickname. The president recently scolded party members for mounting public demonstrations denouncing ‘Tyson’ in Midlands, Mnangagwa’s home province and Mashonaland Central, from where Kasukuwere hails.

Grace Mugabe is facing an uphill task against Mnangagwa, who enjoys the support of the military, intelligence service and the state media. Mugabe’s attempts to back his wife have been met with revulsion.

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