Mandi Chimene Faces the Axe

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  • Mandi ‘Wefodya’ Chimene.

Manicaland provincial chairperson Mandi Chimene is next in line to be fired from the Zanu PF politburo following her utterances denouncing vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa, the heir-apparent to president Robert Mugabe, Now Daily can reveal.

Ruling party sources said party members had never forgiven Chimene for dressing down Mnangagwa in front of the president during a central committee meeting that was broadcast on ZBC-TV in 2016.

Chimene, a former close associate first lady Grace Mugabe and leading member of her G40 faction openly told Mugabe to fire his deputy and scoffed at war veterans. She also attempted to have Chris Mutsvangwa removed as leader of the Zimbabwe Liberation War Veterans Association but this was resisted by the ‘comrades’.

Mnangagwa refused to comment publicly on Chimene’s insults. However, war veteran and Zimbabwe Defence Forces commander General Constantine Chiwenga remarked: “Akadhakwa nefodya (meaning, ‘Mandi Chimene is high on marijuana’).

Zanu PF provincial executives have now passed a vote of no confidence against party ‘political commissar’ Saviour Kasukuwere. The Matabeleland North province executive also passed a no-confidence vote against higher education minister and G40 faction member Jonathan Moyo.

“Mandi Chimene is next. People have not forgotten that she taunted the vice president,” said a source.

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