Bounty Lisa Sparks Massive Fight Between Jah Love and Calaz

By Harriet Fisher|
Now Daily|

Mbare-born Zimdancehall chanter Soul Musaka, a.k.a. Soul Jah Love brutally attacked city rival Seh Calaz, accusing him of taking his ‘wife’ Bounty Lisa.
Police in riot gear took Musaka away in chains.
The attack happened outside Chill Spot studio, where both
Bounty Lisa, real name Lynette Lisa Mseni, and Seh Calaz used to record.
Bounty is a 21-year-old former St Peter’s High, Mbare beauty whose own career backing Jah Love appears at an end following the persistent ‘adultery’ allegations, which have led to vicious fights by the men’s gangs whenever they meet for gigs.
Jah Love and Calaz were expected to clash on stage at City Sports Centre on December 19, amid concerns about violence. Their last show there on November 8, which Seh Calaz had predicted would be a ‘bloody night’, ended in injury as fans stampeded after police used teargas to rescue Calaz’s crew, which had become trapped, under heavy attack from Jah Love fans throwing beer cans.
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One thought on “Bounty Lisa Sparks Massive Fight Between Jah Love and Calaz

  1. Lesley T Kazingizi

    These two guys must be best friends but because of competition they are found in conflicts. However , Zimdancehall artists mus not insult each other neither should they take each others wives nor they even send gangsters to attack another artist.



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