Mnangagwa, Obert Mpofu Implicated in Gold Wars

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  • Smiling all the way to the bank: Mnangagwa.

Vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa and economics minister Obert Mpofu have been named as the kingpins in the ongoing deadly fights for control of gold production by illegal miners in the Midlands and Matabeleland South.

According to underworld sources who spoke to Now Daily Wednesday, ‘Ngwena’, as Mnangagwa is known, had a gang of armed hustlers operating in his name called ‘Team Ra Mnangagwa’ who specialized in robbing informal gold miners.

“Team Ra Mnangagwa are a no-nonsense group. If they approach you and demand the gold that you have, just give it to them. Don’t ever try to negotiate and don’t wait for them to take out their guns because once they do that they’ll shoot someone,” said a source.

Mpofu, the Zanu PF treasurer, was said to have his own gang in Gwanda, while former sports deputy minister Andrew Langa had dangerous thugs working for him in the gold-rich Insiza district where he was MP before being sacked by Mugabe over claims he was affiliated to Joice Mujuru.

The government claims that it has set up a special cabinet committee chaired by home affairs minister Ignatius Chombo. However, the taskforce has not produced any results and has failed to fulfil its promises to have the army deployed in the Midlands and Matabeleland to curb the violence which has seen hundreds of people killed and thousands injured, mostly by machetes, the gold warrior’s favourite weapon.

Mining Workers Union of Zimbabwe national first vice president Peter Mudzviti said the “matter must be addressed and resolved urgently at a civilian level”.

“While the army may be involved in maintaining law and order in extreme cases, the regular police must be empowered to do their jobs effectively and the matter must be resolved with the involvement of the whole community,” Mudzviti told Now Daily.

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