Zimbabweans Must Reject Mugabe’s Suicide Mission against the West


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  • Trump, Mugabe.

The time has come for Zimbabweans to decide whether to go down with Robert Mugabe in his unwinnable crusade against the West or jump off his sinking ship and let him drown alone.

This is a simple choice. The countries that Mugabe is fighting and that have imposed sanctions against him and his inner circle, the USA, European Union member states, Canada, Australia, Switzerland and a handful of others have made it plain that they have no beef with the people of Zimbabwe. They are out to punish Mugabe and the regime figures who have participated in his atrocities which include murder of political opponents, election rigging, corruption and state-sponsored lawlessness.

What Zimbabwe needs right now is a president who can go to Washington, London, Paris and other world capitals to talk about trade and development instead of perpetually whining about colonialism in an attempt to deceive the public while stealing public resources as Mugabe has done. We need a leader who will listen to others in the global community instead of justifying wrongdoing by instituting mayhem, brazen criminality and gangsterism.

Mugabe is on a suicide mission and is out to sacrifice Zimbabweans both as weapons and human shields. He may have sympathisers in the military and intelligence services but the reality is that these are just hired guns while others are simply too terrified of him. None of these people support his irrational actions, which is why they are selling his secrets and fighting among themselves. As for the rest of us, we are not with Mugabe in this and cannot be made to suffer for his actions that are actually hurting us. We are the victims and the sooner the world recognizes this, the better.

While established terror groups like ISIS, al Qaeda, al Shabab and Boko Haram conceal their horrific acts in religious self-righteousness, Mugabe covers his brand of madness with patriotism.

The common denominator between Mugabe and the listed groups is that they claim that their war is against the ‘evil West’ when, in fact, it is their own people who suffer the most.

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  • No jobs: educated Zimbabweans reduced to street vending.

Let’s get things in perspective. If ISIS’s war is against the United States and Christianity, why are its fighters so preoccupied with killing defenceless men, women and children in Mosul and Baghdad? If Boko Haram’s fight is against Western education as its name suggests, why kidnap and rape 12 year-old kids from Chibok high school? It’s the height of insanity.

The same logic must apply to Mugabe. If he is the ‘messiah’ that he claims to be, out to rescue Zimbabwe and Africa from the remnants of colonial rule and slavery, why is it that he is targeting his own people for brutality and violence and not the Western powers that colonized us? Why are women being raped in Mbare by his Chipangano militia and the rest of the country is frozen with fear of his Border Gezi militia, which has been incorporated into the police, army and civil service? Why are Zimbabweans the victims of his murderous rage against the West? Something is wrong here and it doesn’t need a rocket scientist to see that we are being used as fodder in a global power game from which we will never benefit or emerge unscathed.

Mugabe and his terrorist lookalikes have a ready answer to this. They will accuse their targets of co-operating and collaborating with the West, and of being puppets fit for nothing but extermination. And because Mugabe claims to be more patriotic than all of us, he has also become the self-appointed executioner of all so-called collaborators with the West.

Zimbabweans must begin to reject this twisted narrative, which Mugabe and Zanu PF have peddled since the 1960s to justify murder of political opponents and plunging the country into chaos. With Mugabe and his Zanu PF bunglers, Zimbabwe is in a constant state of war. We are told that our shadows are our enemies and we must eliminate them by killing ourselves. The time has come to say no to Mugabe’s suicide mission against the people because it will only end in disaster.

If anyone wanted evidence that Mugabe is an unreconstructed extremist who is ready to sink Zimbabwe for personal gratification that proof is contained in the latest United States human rights report published on March 6 2017. The report gives a chilling insight into Mugabe’s terror machine that has come to choke all aspects of our lives.

According to the state department report, our police shoot people to death for no reason, our prison officers steal sanitary ware meant for prisoners, the army is deployed to intimidate civilians and judges take bribes. This is not the Zimbabwe we want. The power is within us to say no to Mugabe and move on with our lives.

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