Mugabe Saves Jonathan Moyo

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  • Something fishy: Jonathan Moyo.

President Robert Mugabe has sprung to the defence of under-attack minister of higher education Jonathan Moyo who is facing investigations for defrauding the state of millions of dollars, it emerged.

Moyo was arrested after plundering Zimdef, a government fund meant for salaries and expenses of technical college students on industrial attachment. He was hauled before a parliamentary committee after government audits exposed him for theft of millions of dollars.

Mugabe exonerated Moyo and downplayed the case, saying the minister had taken the money on behalf of Zanu PF.

“The anti-corruption commission are at cross-purposes with professor Jonathan Moyo. He thinks they’ve been political and that the funds they say he’s used in a corrupt way were funds that were required by youth, women and the party in general,” Mugabe told local TV.

Mugabe claimed falsely that reports of corruption in the high echelons of his government were “just rumours”. Critics dispute this, noting that Mugabe is presented with detailed reports of corruption every year by the auditor-general and the intelligence services but does not act on them as they affect cronies in his government.

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