Grace Mugabe Behind Eviction of War Veterans

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*Grace Mugabe.

Minister of state for the welfare of war veterans Tshinga Dube has clashed with lands minister Douglas Mombeshora over the ongoing eviction of war veterans, Now Daily can reveal.

High level sources told this website that Dube had confronted Mombeshora over the issue and raised it with president Robert Mugabe. War veterans accuse Mugabe’s wife Grace Mugabe of sponsoring marauding bands of youths to evict them. The sources said Grace Mugabe also influenced officials in Mombeshora’s office not to give war veterans ‘offer letters’, 99 year lease documents and farming inputs under the command farming programme as revenge after they rejected her presidential bid .

Dube set a March 15 deadline for the evicted war veterans and other ex-combatants who were not allocated farms during the ‘fast-track’ land reform programme to provide details for their cases to be investigated.

An unknown number of war veterans have been evicted from the formerly white-owned farms they occupied forcibly at the height of the land reform programme. Thousands of land occupiers in Mashonaland Central province have been ejected to make way for Grace Mugabe’s game park.

Sources within Zanu PF said the veterans had become targets of Grace Mugabe’s venom after they rejected her bid to succeed her ailing husband as president at a party conference in Victoria Falls in 2015. The war veterans, military generals and intelligence officers have openly supported vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa to take over from Mugabe.

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