Zanu PF Conducts Door to Door Intimidation in Borrowdale Brooke

Now Daily

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Tough on the neighbours: Mugabe

Borrowdale Brooke residents have complained about what they say is planned ‘door-to-door intimidation’ by Zanu PF members in the elite residential estate where president Robert Mugabe lives.

This follows a notice issued Wednesday by the estate’s general manager M. Wood advising residents that members of Mugabe’s party will be conducting door-to-door recruitment in the area starting Sunday.

“This is a crude attempt at security vetting by Mugabe’s party and by the CIO,” said an irate Brooke resident who contacted Now Daily. “Are all the other 26 registered political parties in Zimbabwe going to be afforded the same opportunity to campaign here? Obviously not! These people just want to know who we are and we fear that they are preparing to attack us.”

Borrowdale Brooke is home to Mugabe and several top government and military officials, including army commander General Constantine Chiwenga. It is also home to top local and foreign business people who are known to oppose Zanu PF.

Below is a copy of the notice to residents:

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