Mugabe Ministers Corruptly Lease ‘Jambanja’ Farms to Dispossessed Whites

Now Daily Exclusive!

Image result for sydney sekeramayi, joseph made ignatius chombo

  • Ignatius Chombo (centre left), Sidney Sekeramayi (centre, right)

Senior members of president Robert Mugabe’s government are reaping millions of dollars from leasing state farms to whites driven off the land through the violent communist-style land reform programme, Now Daily can exclusively reveal.

Among the ministers found to be renting out farms to dispossessed whites in violation of government policy are defence minister Sidney Sekeramayi, whose Honde Valley farm is in the hands of foreign tenants, according to high-level sources.

Agriculture boss Joseph Made and police minister Ignatius Chombo have also been fingered in the scandal which has embarrassed the president. Mugabe publicly chastised the ministers over the corrupt practice but did not sanction them or expose them by name.

Chombo obtained numerous farms while he was still Zanu PF secretary for lands and local government minister. Chombo has built a massive golf estate on one of the farms in Mashonaland West.

Mugabe supporters drove out more than 6 000 white farmers from their properties in a widely-condemned, haphazard land settlement exercise that started in 2 000.

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