Grace Mugabe Funnels Millions of Dollars to Ailing Ex-Husband

Now Daily

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  • Grace Mugabe, Goreraza

President Robert Mugabe’s wife Grace Mugabe has set up a slush fund to funnel millions of dollars to ex-husband Stanley Goreraza who is believed to be in poor health, Now Daily can reveal.

The trust is registered in the name of Goreraza’s new wife and is known as Grace Chirenje Goreraza Foundation. Goreraza, who was an Air Force officer when Mugabe snatched his wife, is now based in India as Zimbabwe’s military attaché, after being moved from Beijing where Mugabe and Grace visited him while he was seriously ill.

The ‘foundation’ was launched recently amid much fanfare and claims that its objective is to “educate the girl child”. Grace Mugabe herself did not attend the launch event, which was graced by her daughter Bona and her husband Simba Chikore.

Grace Mugabe abandoned her husband after she started having an adulterous affair with Mugabe while working in his office as a switchboard operator. She was later promoted to his private secretary to give her time to travel abroad with the dictator and to have illicit sex with him while she was still married to Goreraza and the dictator’s wife Sally was alive.

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