Grace Mugabe Orders White Farmers to Supply Bankrupt Gushungo Dairy

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  • Grace Mugabe at Alpha Omega Dairy, Gushungo Estates, Mazowe.

A handful of white dairy farmers are keeping Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe’s ailing dairy business from collapse after the total failure of new black farmers to supply his Gushungo Estates, trading as Alpha Omega Dairy with fresh milk.

The Alpha Omega dairy plant makes ice cream for export and for local consumption, while also producing a range of milk products, from expensive restaurant cheeses to sour milk for the masses.

The dairy, built on a farm seized violently and without compensation from a white farmer, has a production plant imported from Italy despite European sanctions against the despot. It no longer produces much milk after its massive dairy herd looted from the state firm Arda under Joseph Made was decimated due to mismanagement and theft by Grace Mugabe’s son Russell Goreraza and his associates. The Mugabes now rely on supplies from mostly white farmers, including Tavistock, Stoffer and Mumford of Plumstead farm in Beatrice.

Mugabe has ordered Zanu PF party militants not to invade dairy farms in the Beatrice area.

“The white farmers have now been given offer letters for the farms they are occupying. This is a reversal of the land reform programme because we don’t have land and we want those farms still in the hands of whites,” said a party youth.

Tensions are high in Zimbabwe and are likely to explode at the next election in 2018 when Zanu PF youths demand the land occupied by the few remaining white farmers and war veterans who have turned against Mugabe or are failing to utilise the land.

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