Grace Mugabe Demands Vice President’s Post

Image result for grace mugabe at mugabe 93rd birthday

  • Mugabe with wife Grace at 93rd birthday celebrations

Now Daily Exclusive!

Grace Mugabe might be appointed Zimbabwean vice president before the end of the year under a secret deal that guarantees Emmerson Mnangagwa’s elevation to the presidency if Robert Mugabe leaves office, possibly in 2018, sources have told Now Daily exclusively.

The sources, including Zanu PF politburo members, said the deal to elevate Grace Mugabe to the party and national vice presidency was struck just before the party’s annual conference in Masvingo in December 2016.

At the conference, Grace Mugabe’s deputy in the women’s league, Eunice Sandi Moyo presented a resolution on behalf of the women calling on the party to appoint a woman, meaning Grace Mugabe, as one of the vice presidents. The sources said the resolution was meant to pave way for Mugabe to appoint his wife as one of his deputies. This might result in the country having three vice presidents.

Image result for emmerson mnangagwa

  • Thumbs up: Vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“Mugabe has agreed that his wife should deputise Mnangagwa after realising that she had failed to get the support of war veterans, senior army generals and intelligence chiefs who all back Ngwena. Grace Mugabe’s attempts to scandalise Mnangagwa and have him removed Joice Mujuru-style also failed and the Lacoste team was threatening to expose both Mugabe and his wife for corruption and other scandals,” said a source.

The sources said Grace Mugabe was forced to give in after her G40 faction of Zanu PF was decimated by Mnangagwa’s Lacoste team through publication of their corruption scandals. G40 strategist Jonathan Moyo was dragged before a parliamentary committee to answer graft charges which were splashed in the state media and attracted investigations by the revamped Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission. Another G40 member and party commissar Saviour Kasukuwere, who had gone on the warpath demoting provincial chairpersons favourable to Mnangagwa, was silenced when he was found to have sold 90 000 housing stands earmarked for party youth to bogus Harare prophet Walter Magaya. G40 leading light and Mugabe’s nephew Patrick Zhuwao also fell into scandal after he was exposed to have given his ‘girlfriend’ thousands of dollars as ‘consultancy fees’ for government jobs which could have been done by civil servants.

Image result for jonathan moyo and patrick zhuwao

  • Disgraced G40 leaders Patrick Zhuwao, Saviour Kasukuwere, Jonathan Moyo.

The peace pact between the two warring factions enabled the party to present a united front at its conference after months of haggling, the sources said. However, some insiders fear that the arrangement may be broken by a rejuvenated Grace Mugabe who appears to have resumed her war against Mnangagwa.

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