Magaya Raped over 100 Women: Claim

By Harriet Fisher

Now Daily

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  • Walter Magaya and stripper Beverly Sibanda.

Walter Magaya, the disgraced Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries leader forced more than 100 women to have sex with him under the pretence of praying for their ‘deliverance’ from evil spirits, an explosive dossier compiled by a religious confederation has revealed.

Among the victims is Bona Mugabe, president Robert Mugabe’s daughter, Barbara Hernandez Mzembi, wife of tourism minister Walter Mzembi, Marian Chombo, who was divorced by home affairs minister Ignatius Chombo after he discovered the affair, the wife of Retailers Association of Zimbabwe president Denford Mutashu and various celebrities.

The dossier was compiled by the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe based on victim statements. The dossier has not been published after disputes emerged within the EFZ over its contents, high-level sources within the organization which groups Pentecostal churches in Zimbabwe told Now Daily. Following the disagreements among the clergymen, EFZ published a cryptic statement in the Financial Gazette in 2015 warning Christians to beware of bogus organisations posing as “prophetic” ministries.

EFZ has come under fire for not exposing Magaya when the allegations were first made. Some of the victims have since died mysteriously while others say they are being threatened by thugs linked to Magaya.

“We have known about Magaya’s abuse of these women, including Bona Mugabe, for many years,” said a senior pastor and leading EFZ member. “Based on the reports by the victims, we know that Magaya abused more than 100 women. He has since paid some of the victims to silence them, while others are promised money or are just threatened. Lawyers are making a lot of money out of him and naturally they will do everything to protect him. However, we know that God will intervene and this evil man will pay for his crimes.”

The pastor said Magaya had appointed his ‘girlfriends’ to appear as if they were ‘counselling’ the victims when, in fact, they were just gathering information about the intentions of his victims.

According to PHD ministry whistleblowers going under the tag ‘Madhiri a Magaya’, Magaya was responsible for the murder in a Botswana prison of former head usher, Rudo Chakanyuka, with whom the bogus ‘prophet’ was allegedly having an affair. The sources, who published their allegations on Facebook, claimed Chakanyuka was arrested at the Botswana border after fake gold was planted on her by Magaya’s agents. She was then allegedly murdered in a Botswana prison by hitmen sent by Magaya to silence her after she threatened to go public about the affair.

Magaya is also facing prosecution at the criminal court for rape of another woman, while criminal charges filed by several others have mysteriously been dropped. Another woman claimed $500 million from Magaya after accusing him of having sex with her and reneging on a promise to marry her. RAZ president Mutashu was hounded by thugs hired by Magaya after demanding $300 000 from the false prophet after he allegedly bedded his wife at his lodge in Waterfalls, which has been described as a “glorified brothel” where many of the sexual acts and rapes are said to take place.

Mzembi has, however, stuck with Magaya despite the allegations against his wife and recently officiated at the opening of a so-called ‘prayer mountain’, which some claim is a cover for sexual escapades by followers of the ‘prophet’.

Zimbabweans are turning to religion as the economy tumbles and many are falling prey to bogus ‘churches’ that are sprouting everywhere. Magaya, who is engaged in illegal mineral resource deals, allegedly said he had started a church as a cover for his illegal deals. The former Chitungwiza thug’s wife, a branch manager at Stanbic bank, has not commented publicly on the alleged scandals.

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