Grace Mugabe Diverts Govt Aid to Zanu PF Campaign

Now Daily

  • Grace Mugabe addresses Zanu PF rally in Buhera.

President Robert Mugabe’s wife Grace Mugabe distributed thousands of dollars worth of government materials at a Zanu PF election campaign rally last Friday in breach of the law, it emerged.

In what was seen as a clear case of corruption and vote-buying, Grace Mugabe dished out agricultural inputs, computers, clothing and foodstuffs to party supporters who were driven to Murambinda growth point in Buhera, close to the home of opposition MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

Grace Mugabe confirmed that the 100 laptops that were displayed at the rally had been looted from Supa Mandiwanzira’s information and communication technology ministry while some of the food was taken clandestinely from the women’s affairs ministry led by Nyasha Chikwinya, who was present at the rally. The agricultural inputs, including fertilizers and seed were diverted from the government’s faltering so-called command agriculture scheme. Mugabe’s wife claimed falsely that Zanu PF had a ‘right’ to give the materials to its supporters as it was the governing party. The constitution says government aid may not be distributed along partisan lines and makes it a criminal offence to do so.

Grace Mugabe is desperate to secure support for her ailing husband, who has been rejected as the party’s 2018 presidential candidate by powerful factions and groupings in the ruling party, including war veterans.

Grace Mugabe apparently failed to move the crowd with her speech, which was full of insults for unnamed ‘factionalists’, presumably a reference to her main rival for the presidency if Mugabe goes, Emmerson Mnangagwa.

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