I Don’t Have Boyfriends Says Joice Mujuru

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Now Daily

Ex-vice president Joice Mujuru says she does not have boyfriends, contrary to popular claims by president Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace Mugabe that she had sex with several men while in office.

Officials in Mugabe’s office claimed that Mujuru, leader of the upstart Zimbabwe People First party had gone out with several men before and after her husband General Solomon Mujuru died in a mystery fire that gutted his farmhouse in 2011. Among the alleged lovers named by Zanu PF officials is Movement for Democratic Change-Tsvangirai leader Morgan Tsvangirai and businessman James Makamba, a relative of Gen Mujuru.

Mujuru told an interviewer recently that the ‘rumours’ were started by Mugabe and his wife as they tried to incite Zanu PF youths to turn against her after she emerged as the leading candidate to succeed the ailing dictator.

“Mugabe and his wife told the youths that Mai Mujuru is a witch, thief, is inept and of loose morals. I have no boyfriend. I don’t know where they got that from. Mugabe thought since I had no husband I’d have a man (boyfriend). What would I need one for? I had a husband and that’s enough,” Mujuru said.

The ZPF leader defended herself for not responding to the allegations soon after they were made in 2014 prior to her sacking.

“Knowing that Mugabe was lying I kept quiet,” Mujuru said.

Mujuru, a war veteran, was touted as one of the ailing dictator’s potential successors but her career in Zanu PF was ended prematurely, with Mugabe accusing her of plotting to assassinate him using the military and ‘juju’. Mujuru left Mugabe’s party with a huge entourage of senior officials.

Grace Mugabe claimed to have a sex video of Joice Mujuru “in a miniskirt” with her late husband, confirming widespread fears that Mugabe had put his officials under intrusive video surveillance, including in bedrooms.

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