Mossad Linked to Mujuru Death

Now Daily

Image result for solomon mujuru assassination

  • General Solomon Mujuru and wife Joice (obscurred).

The late Zimbabwe army commander General Solomon Mujuru was killed by assassins linked to the Israeli spy agency Mossad in a hit sponsored by senior ruling Zanu PF officials, intelligence sources have revealed exclusively to Now Daily.

The sources disputed the popular version peddled by some state-linked media that Mujuru was killed by Israeli agents in revenge for the death of a member of the Jewish Farquharson family, which operated the River Ranch Diamond Mine in Beitbridge from 1975 but was later driven out at gunpoint by the general.

“If Mujuru had not been killed, Mugabe would be dead by now,” said a security source within the ruling party.

Mujuru had repeatedly called on Mugabe (93) to step down and hand over power to a younger party member, preferably his wife Joice Mujuru, who was vice president, or former finance minister Simba Makoni, who later formed the Mavambo Dawn Kusile opposition party.

Mujuru was found dead in a mystery fire at his Beatrice farm in 2011. His widow accused Zanu PF of being behind the assassination but did not name anyone.

Meanwhile, retired army colonel Richard Sauta has disputed claims that he was linked to Mujuru’s death. In an exclusive statement to Now Daily, Col. Sauta said he was in Kenya at the time of the general’s death and had nothing to do with it.

Mujuru died after telling Mugabe to retire on health grounds.

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