Obama Aid Looted by Mugabe Militants

Now Daily Investigation

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Militias aligned to Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF party have seized control of millions of dollars’ worth of food donated by United States president Barrack Obama’s administration, Now Daily investigations confirmed.

The daring hijack is a repeat of previous failed U.S. aid efforts in a country ravaged by corruption and misrule.

The militias have elbowed aside World Food Programme field staff and have taken over screening of food aid recipients, ensuring that only Zanu PF members and regime agents benefit, while opposition party members are excluded.

“We are registering people for the food through Zanu PF party cells. Only those with ruling party cards are eligible. The opposition people will not get anything. They must starve because they are sellouts. If they want, they can go to Obama and report that we have taken the food,” a senior Zanu PF official in the drought-ravaged Midlands province, a hotbed of violent militia activity, told Now Daily exclusively.

United States ambassador to Zimbabwe Harry Thomas Jnr announced early in 2016 that Washington was providing $60 million worth of food aid to the southern African country through the United Nations. Thomas has not commented on the brazen theft of the donated food, some of which has gone on sale on the black market.

Zimbabwe is groaning under Western sanctions imposed to punish Mugabe for gross human rights violations, including political murder and electoral theft.

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