Mujuru Seizes Black Man’s Farm

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  • Joice Mujuru

Former vice president and leader of the upstart Zimbabwe People First party Joice Mujuru is under pressure to surrender a farm she seized from a black man without compensation, it emerged.

Mujuru seized the farm belonging to Dr Masuku in Beatrice in 2014, just before she was sacked by president Robert Mugabe for allegedly plotting a military coup and using ‘juju’ against him.

Masuku, who bought the farm from its white owner before the fast-track land reform programme, was evicted and moved to a resettlement village where he is living in abject poverty, sources said. Mujuru then took over the farm adjacent to another one her former army commander husband General Solomon Mujuru seized violently from a white farmer.

“Joice Mujuru is a disgrace. How can she seize a farm belonging to a fellow black when the land reform programme was targeting the whites? She should just return the farm to its owner or stop lying that she is an opposition leader who respects human rights,” said a war veteran in the area.

Mujuru and her late husband went on a rampage at the height of the farm seizures that were launched by Zanu PF in 2000, grabbing dozens of choice properties around Zimbabwe. The militant couple also seized several mines and demanded shares in private businesses. Mujuru was one of the looters of the disputed Marange diamonds and still illegally occupies a lucrative concession area known as “munda wa Mai Mujuru”.

Comment was not immediately available from Mujuru.

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