Adultery Costs Grace Mugabe Politburo Support

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One of the front-runners to take over from ailing 92 year-old Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe, wife Grace Mugabe, has been rejected by key members of the ruling Zanu PF party’s powerful governing council, the ‘politburo’, who accuse her of adultery.

Leading members of the party’s Women’s League told Now Daily that Grace Mugabe would not be a suitable leader because she carries the deadweight of highly publicized adultery scandals.

The Women’s League members are now calling on Mugabe to readmit into Zanu PF former party vice president Joice Mujuru, who was sacked in 2014 after Grace Mugabe accused her of plotting to assassinate the president.

“Grace Mugabe is not respected by women because of the adultery allegations made against her. She is using money, threats and intimidation to maintain control but that doesn’t work in Zanu PF. Mai Mujuru was a much better leader and efforts are being made to bring her back into Zanu PF before the next elections,” said a politburo member.

Apparently, powerful members of Mujuru’s party, led by former state security minister and Central Intelligence Organization overseer Didymus Mutasa have compiled a massive digital dossier detailing Grace Mugabe’s sexual escapades after she married Mugabe in 1996.

“The dossier is going to be published close to the 2018 elections or as soon as Grace Mugabe declares her intention to run for president,” said a source close to Mujuru. Superspy Mutasa was responsible for busting former prime minister and Movement for Democratic Change-Tsvangirai over sex scandals which cost him the 2013 election.

“Angavhotera hure Grace Mugabe ndiani? (Who would vote for the adulteress Grace Mugabe?)  She will cause us to lose the election. Mujuru may have her weaknesses but there is no evidence of sex scandals. We want Mujuru back in Zanu PF,” a politburo member told Now Daily.

Mujuru has turned her back on the ruling party by forming her own Zimbabwe People First movement. Some believe however that she may be using that platform to galvanize thousands of former Zanu PF leaders who have been booted out of the party at the behest of Grace Mugabe.

Mugabe himself has said publicly that he trusts Mujuru more than his number two and heir-apparent Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Grace Mugabe has been linked sexually to several famous personalities, including former Reserve Bank governor Gideon Gono, murdered businessman Peter Pamire, Harare tycoon Phillip Chiyangwa and the president’s nephew Patrick Zhuwao. The United Kingdom’s influential Times newspaper published a story detailing how Gono had sex with Mugabe’s wife on numerous occasions. The president’s former top banker violated state security procedures by going to have sex with Grace Mugabe at 12 state residences around Zimbabwe, at her Mazowe farm and hotels in South Africa and Asia, leaving crumpled sheets in their wake.

Gono’s former top aide Munyaradzi Kereke has been thrown into jail for 10 years for rape, but many believe he is being punished allegedly for leaking the sex story to the Times. Kereke has also leaked the former governor’s other secrets, including how he faked a doctorate from the non-existent ‘Washington university of Nigeria’ and stole millions from the central bank.

Grace Mugabe is despised by conservative and religious Zimbabwean women because she started having sex with Mugabe while she was married to air force officer Stanley Goreraza and his wife Sally was alive. Grace Mugabe was employed at State House as a switchboard operator and pool typist before she was elevated to the president’s private secretary after having sex with the dictator.

The new dossier, compiled with the help of South Africa-based research and intelligence firm N4, also sheds new light on what happened to Pamire, who died mysteriously in a freak car accident.

“Mugabe was well aware that his wife was having sex with Pamire. He made Pamire an offer to leave Zimbabwe and live wherever he wished, with all his needs being taken care of. Arrangements were being made for ‘Boss Pams’, as he was known, to go and live in Greece for the rest of his life. Pamire rejected the offer and decided to take his chances in Zimbabwe. That is when he was killed. He could have survived if, like Goreraza or James Makamba, he had agreed to go and live abroad,” the dossier reads.

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One thought on “Adultery Costs Grace Mugabe Politburo Support

  1. Bengomupengo

    Grace anga ane bhurugwa rewhite raaiflasha kuna Mugabe everyday kusvika mudhara mboro yamira zvekutadza kushanda chaiko. munoti mudhara aiitawo sei nhai veduwee. Aigarirwa beya deliberately sha panga pakaipa. if you see the pics inotomirawo chete



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