Magaya Sex Scandal: ‘Prophet’ Fails to Pay Girlfriend

Now Daily
Walter Magaya, the self-styled ‘prophet’ and PHD Ministry leader has failed to deliver half a million dollars demanded by a scorned girlfriend.
Feisty former Yadah TV presenter Angela Charakupa had given Magaya until last Friday to pay damages for having sex with her and then breaking a promise to marry her.
Her lawyers said Charakupa joined PHD in 2014.
‘We are further instructed
that thereafter, a love affair
developed between yourself
and our client. We are further
instructed that as a result
thereof and in September
2014,you then promised to
marry our client, purchase a
flat for her, a vehicle of her
own choice and also give her
some money that would
greatly improve her social
status in the society. We are
also further told that during
the existence of the
engagement you would give
her some gifts and money
and engage in sexual
intercourse with her on the
understanding that you would
marry her. We confirm that
we have the full particulars of
the said sexual relations.
4. However, in or about mid
2015 ,and to our client’s
dismay, you repudiated the
said agreement by displaying
conduct that clearly
amounted to a refusal to
proceed with the promised
marriage. We are informed
that the said repudiation was
wrongful and you acted
animo iniuriandi.
We are further instructed that
the aforesaid breach was
injurious to our client
resulting in her leaving your
Ministry’s employment in
December 2015.
5.We are further instructed
that as a further result of your
breach of the aforesaid
contract ,our client has
suffered both contractual and
delictual damages. She has
interalia suffered loss of
financial benefits of the
promised marriage and also
damages by the reason of
your contumacious breach of
contract whereby her
personal dignity and
reputation have been severely
impaired. We are informed
that some of her former
workmates and other
members of your Ministry
were aware of the said
relationship. We are further
informed that our client was a
Counselor in your Ministry
and as such would be
consulted by many girls for
counseling sessions, she
leant that you have multiple
sexual partners.
As a result thereof ,our client
is now extremely concerned
about her health condition
and has been advised by her
close relatives to undergo
some medical tests.
In the circumstances hereof
,our client has instructed us
to demand from you ,as we
hereby do and within seven
(7) days from date of service
of this letter:
(a) payment of the sum of
500 000.00) in full and final
settlement of all her claims
against you and
(b) a full and unconditional
apology for all whatv you did
to her during the period of
your association.
Should we not receive
payment of the said amount
as aforestated ,our client
shall be compelled to
approach the Hight Court of
Zimbabwe for releaf. Our
client’s strict instructions are
to proceed with the above
matter to its final end and
determination and she is in
possession of incontrovertible
evidence to support her
(c) Now Daily 2016.


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