Elizabeth Macheka Summons Tsvangirai’s ‘Girlfriends’

Now Daily Exclusive!

Movement for Democratic Change-Tsvangirai president Morgan Tsvangirai’s wife Elizabeth Macheka recently descended on Gweru, the theatre of her husband’s alleged debauchery, and  summoned her husband’s alleged lovers for a meeting.

The meeting, disguised as a gathering of MDC-T women’s assembly executives in the Midlands province brought the party leader’s wife in contact with the women widely accused of snatching her husband.

Tsvangirai was pictured entertaining half a dozen skimpily dressed prostitutes at the Antelope Park game lodge outside the Midlands capital earlier this year. The photograph went viral, triggering a government investigation which revealed that Gweru city council mayor Hamutendi Kombayi had illegally ordered the bankrupt municipality to fork out $1 800 to pay for Tsvangirai’s jaunt with his women.

Midlands proportional representation senator Lilian Mpofu Timveos, who is accused by fellow party officials of having a romantic affair with the party leader, told Now Daily sources prior to the encounter that she was going to meet Macheka. Details of the meeting between Macheka and Tsvangirai’s alleged lovers were not immediately available. However, the sources said Macheka’s mission was to see the women who had been photographed partying with her husband in her absence. It was also to try and salvage her husband’s reputation and save the party from collapse in the province amid allegations of adultery and divisions blamed on Mpofu Timveos.

Tsvangirai mysteriously appointed Mpofu Timveos provincial chairperson after suspending her husband Michael Timveos, a Cypriot businessman from the party. This was after the party leader allegedly started having an affair with her.

Tsvangirai recently told Mpofu Timveos to back off after she went on a crusade to have women’s assembly provincial chairperson Teti Banda, a witness to the affair, removed.

Macheka was also looking for information about the skimpily dressed women pictured having a wild party with Tsvangirai at Antelope Park lodge, according to sources. Bills for the bash were footed by Gweru city council, resulting in the arrest of mayor Kombayi for abuse of office.

Mpofu Timveos has denied having an affair with Tsvangirai. The story was leaked by Radio Chokwadi, an MDC-T whistleblower website set up by disgruntled party officials in 2014 to expose Tsvangirai’s alleged sex and corruption scandals.

Tsvangirai is notorious for sex scandals, which cost him vital support during the 2013 presidential election which he eventually lost to Mugabe. He was forced to pay $400 000 of party funds to silence Lorcadia Karimatsenga Tembo, a notorious cocaine smuggler and Central Intelligence Organization operative he had sex with and falsely promised marriage. Another woman, Mashabane from South Africa was also paid an unknown amount after the former prime minister took her on an Indian Ocean ride at state expense on a yacht called the ‘Legend of the Seas. Tsvangirai also has a child, Ethan, with a Bulawayo woman he impregnated while she was still a teenage college student.

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