Tsvangirai Joins Mujuru Coalition

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  • Tsvangirai with Mujuru

Movement for Democratic Change-Tsvangirai leader Morgan Tsangirai has riled some party members after he agreed to join the much-vaunted 2018 election coalition of opposition parties fronted by former national and Zanu PF vice president Joice Mujuru.

Tsvangirai’s about-turn on joining the coalition which he earlier scoffed at came after he was prompted by United States ambassador to Zimbabwe Harry K Thomas Jnr in a meeting last week.

The Americans told the party leader that he faced doom if he chose to go it alone against Mugabe, who is training thousands of militiamen to cause harm to opponents during the next election.

Tsvangirai has been telling is advisers and top party officials to prepare to work with Mujuru and other opposition leaders in a coalition expected to be bankrolled by the Americans through ‘donations’ and ‘grants’ funnelled through USAID to pliant NGOs.

Tsvangirai has also backtracked on his earlier position that he would not join an opposition coalition unless he led it. The former prime minister during a failed coalition with Mugabe now says the question of who would the new coalition was still to be discussed.

“Look, let’s not speculate. Should the coalition ever take place that will be the time when the question of leadership and positions will be discussed,” Tsvangirai told The Zimbabwe Standard at the weekend.

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