MSU Turned into Sex Bazaar

Now Daily Investigation

The Midlands State University has been transformed into a virtual brothel where under-funded, tech-savvy students use the latest social networking tools to engage in prostitution to earn money for food and other basics, Now Daily investigations revealed.

Several Facebook and WhatsApp groups have sprung up where the students post sex videos and naked pictures of themselves as well as sex chats. Many of the students claim to offer free sex to circumvent Facebook rules on selling sex online but end up demanding money, sources said.

Last Saturday night, skimpily-clad women lined the car park outside a bar near the university campus. Under bright car lights, it all looked like some delightful street carnival, had the circumstances of the women parading their half-naked bodies not been so desperate.

“I’ll do anything for you,” one girl barely out of her teens said, tempted by our BMW but trying to figure out if we might be good company, criminals or cops. “You don’t have to pay me. Just buy me some food and beer.”

After buying chicken, chips and alcohol for the girl, who assumes the name Natasha (every prostitute around here is called Natasha), she tells us the usual tale of woe which most prostitutes are all too ready to recite to journalists: parents are poor, state grants no longer come, there’s no one to take care of her.

But don’t believe everything you hear. Some of the women are married or come from well off families but engage in ‘free sex’ for fun. According to a recent United Nations study of sex behaviour at MSU and other universities, many of the students indulge in sex because of the freedom they suddenly get when they go to college, away from parents, relatives and spouses.

In fact, we were told, at MSU they have a slogan that no woman will leave the college a virgin. The UN study also found that many of the students leave the varsity infected with HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections or get unplanned pregnancies.

If many of the women are soliciting on the streets, a lot more are begging for money and offering sex online. Several Facebook and WhatsApp groups have sprung up where the students offer their grim wares. Many of the college prostitutes post naked pictures of themselves, sex videos and sex chats.

The desperate students offer sex for as little as $2 per night. However, they target professionals and employed people with some income, who are able to reciprocate the gesture with more generous offers, even marriages of convenience. Some of the women offered to be married to uneducated or elderly men just in order to have a place to stay, against the advice of psychologists who say such ‘marriages of convenience’ do not last.

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2 thoughts on “MSU Turned into Sex Bazaar

  1. Nyashadzashe Manyange

    It is such a shame that women and girls of these days and even as young as I am indulge themselves in sexual activities… I pray always that ppl may see the light ,concentrate on school nd the future.. I wish they could be helped.. These needs prayers Ey… The country is changing… Ppl are trying to fight for a change but funny enough the future which is ours is byn ruined by some whom are part of us like these guys who indulge in immoral activies. Then how are we going to change



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