Mugabe an Uncaring Grandfather: Analysts

Now Daily

  • Mugabe misses perfect propaganda opportunity

Political opponents of Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe have begun presenting him as a hard man who not only neglects the country’s suffering citizens but is uncaring to his family.

The criticism comes after Mugabe spent more than 10 days without mentioning the birth of his daughter Bona’s son in a Singapore hospital.

Discussions on social media have now projected Mugabe as an imperial ruler who has no time or love for his family. Political analysts also say Mugabe failed to capitalize on the birth of his grandson for its propaganda value.

“Let’s face it there is little good to write about Zimbabwe or Mugabe at the moment, so the birth of Bona Mugabe’s child could have diverted attention somewhat,” commentator Chris Mitchell told Now Daily. “The economy is back on a downward slide which is even more precarious and scarier than that of 2008. Politically, Mugabe is facing a rebellion within the ranks of Zanu PF after launching attacks on his possible successor Emmerson Mnangagwa. A trip to see his grandchild would have been excused by most Zimbabweans, including those who criticize Mugabe for travelling abroad too often.”

Social media critics said Mugabe had no ‘family values’.

“Mugabe does not respect the family unit, that is why he has not made any effort to see his grandson,” said a writer who signed off as Jeremiah in a WhatsApp group. “I don’t know of any normal parent or grandparent who would keep such an event a secret. The birth of a child is a happy event everywhere.”

“Mugabe has missed the perfect propaganda opportunity,” said media analyst and N4 director Sean Mwale. “Every news bulletin would have been about the birth of Bona Mugabe’s child, including the opposition papers. International broadcasters too have shown great interest in covering the birth of the world’s worst dictator’s grandson. That’s big network TV news.”

State house sources confirmed that 92 year-old Mugabe was hard with his family and put political survival ahead of everything. This seemed to be getting worse with old age, the sources revealed, and revelations that his wife Grace Mugabe had sexual affairs with other men.

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