Fake Bona Mugabe Birth Video Goes on Sale

  • Simba Chikore and wife Bona Mugabe

President Robert Mugabe’s delay in announcing the birth of his grandson has led enterprising designers to manufacture and sell a fake birth video and photos, Now Daily can reveal.

The video was being sold on Harare streets for $20 a copy on compact disc or flash disk. The discs are installed with software to make them impossible to transfer, edit or copy and carry a warning that anyone who posts the material online will be arrested.

Bona Mugabe gave birth in Singapore more than a week ago, attended by her mother Grace Mugabe.

Controversy has now arisen over why the Mugabes are keeping the boy away from public view. Bona Mugabe’s husband Simba Chikore’s relatives have expressed anger that they are being prevented from publicly celebrating the birth and accepting presents from well-wishers.

Officials at Mugabe’s office refused to accept gifts on behalf of the new-born.

“Who told you that Bona has given birth?” an officer based at Bona Mugabe’s house in Mount Pleasant said when approached by a Now Daily reporter on Tuesday. “We are not accepting any gifts because we have not been told about the birth which you are talking about. Those are family secrets.”

A relative of Simba Chikore said the family was being kept in the dark, leading some to speculate that the boy born to Bona was not his son.

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