After Dzamara, More State and Zanu PF Kidnappings Rock Zimbabwe

Now Daily

Several people were abducted by security forces and Zanu PF thugs in Zimbabwe for political reasons in 2015, apart from prominent activist Itai Dzamara, the United States global report on human rights says.

The state department report released last week says the much publicized Dzamara disappearance was just one of many cases.

“There were credible reports of politically motivated abductions and attempted abductions during the year,” the report says. “There were no reports of authorities punishing any perpetrators. On March 9, suspected state security agents abducted Itai Dzamara, a journalist and democracy activist known for leading a small, peaceful protest movement from a barbershop in Glen View, a Harare suburb. The agents allegedly handcuffed Dzamara before forcing him into a truck with obscured license plates. Dzamara’s whereabouts were unknown since authorities did not provide information regarding his abduction. International community and human rights attorneys urged to no avail the government to investigate his disappearance.”

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