Chitungwiza Mayor Mutoti Must Resign or Be Forced Out

Now Daily Analysis

The rot that has been exposed in Chitungwiza Municipality is utterly disgusting. It is inconceivable that in a country and a situation where millions of people do not own a home, democratically elected councillors can steal up to 40 stands each. It goes back to the argument about partyism and its corrupting impact in Africa. If these councillors did not belong to powerful political parties, they would have been torn apart by the masses by now. It is only because they belong to parties that also control and disturb the whole governance structure that they can perpetuate their evil acts ad infinitum.

We wholly endorse the call by some for a rent boycott in Chitungwiza. Consumers should not pay rates until the whole system is cleaned up and all monies paid to this council are accounted for. At present there is no accountability. The council has no willingness to make its affairs transparent. Why pay if the whole system is corrupt? Can you trust a person who steals forty pieces of land to take good care of your forty pieces of silver?

We need clean governance before we start paying money into this system.

Look at service delivery. Bins are going uncollected. The amount of garbage on the streets is shocking. It is a rapidly ticking health time bomb. Water is dirty, if it comes at all. Public institutions such as schools and markets are exposed to the vagaries. There are areas like Chigovanyika where citizens have not had water for weeks at a time and they have to resort to dirty ponds and untreated water from the Manyame river. This is not sustainable.

The Community demands to see the budget, the real one with actual figures of how much mayor Phillip Mutoti, town clerk George Makunde and the top four officials actually earn, of how much the 4x4s are costing to buy and run, of how much the workshops and seminars are draining from the council coffers and also of the losses which the council is reportedly making in supposedly profit or revenue-generating ventures such as land sales and bars.

Mutoti must just do the honourable thing. He has lost a step because of this scandal and must allow the Community to pick up the pieces without his presence or his corrupting influence. We advise him to leave with dignity, while some still have a modicum of respect for him. Otherwise the alternative is that people will protest by not paying rates, which will only worsen the situation for the poorly run Chitungwiza Municipality. So, whether Mutoti lives or dies politically, the choice is entirely up to him.

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