Doctor Accused of Sexual Abuse of Patients with AIDS

Now Daily

A Chitungwiza doctor has become notorious for demanding sex from women with AIDS, often promising them that he has a cure for the deadly condition, it emerged.

The doctor also blackmailed his victims, threatening to reveal their statuses to employers and spouses. He has also taken to dating sisters and relatives of the patients, telling the victims not to complain, according to victims and other sources.

“I tried to resist the doctor’s advances but he refused to listen to my pleas,” said Maureen, whose husband died recently of AIDS and was the doctor’s patient. “He told me that since he knew my status, he would take appropriate measures to protect himself. Later, he asked me to have sex with him without protection after telling me that he was also infected with AIDS.”

Another woman claimed that after bedding her for a while, the doctor turned to her sister.

“The doctor threatened to expose my condition to my employer and pastors if I kept pestering him about his affair with my sister.

To yet another victim, the doctor claimed to have medication that could reduce the effects of AIDS. He also promised her that he would travel abroad to get medication to cure AIDS.

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