Chitepo Death Mystery Deepens

Now Daily

Questions have been raised about the death of Victoria Chitepo, widow of Chimurenga war hero Herbert Chitepo after officials and family members issued conflicting statements about the circumstances.

President Robert Mugabe initially told Zanu PF central committee members that Chitepo had collapsed while “taking a shower” in preparation to attend the meeting.

However, Chitepo’s daughter Thokozile told the media that her mother was found lying dead in her bedroom next to her bed. Thokozile Chitepo said her mother was fit despite her age and had attended Wednesday’s meeting between Mugabe and war veterans.

Chitepo (88), a former cabinet minister whose husband was Zanu PF chairman when he was assassinated in 1975 by a car bomb planted by Rhodesian operatives, had been sidelined by Mugabe’s regime for her opposition to corruption and human rights abuses.

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