Gushungo Dairy Bomber Interview Lands ‘Journalist’ in Police Station

Now Daily

Police on Thursday grilled Ernest Mudzengi, director of the Media Centre NGO in connection with publication of an interview with Owen Kuchata, the chairman of Joice Mujuru’s Zimbabwe People First party who was recently jailed nine years for attempting to bomb president Robert Mugabe’s Gushungo dairy.

Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) member Gift Mtisi made frantic efforts to locate Mudzengi after he was bundled from his offices by CID detectives without a word to staff on where they were taking him.

ZLHR spokesman Kumbirai Mafunda said Mudzengi was detained at Harare central police station “where he fielded questions from police detectives over an article published on the Zbabwe Sentinel, an online news portal”.

“The story which the police detectives took interest in quoted jailed Zimbabwe People First party leader Owen Kuchata declaring that his political party would roll out demonstrations to compel President Robert Mugabe to step down as leader of the troubled southern African country,” Mafunda said. “Police also questioned Mudzengi, who received legal assistance from Gift Mtisi of ZLHR, about the operations of the Media Centre and recorded a statement from him as they consider to treat him as a witness in a case in which they are reportedly investigating.”

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