Wicknell Chivayo in Trouble for Tax, Tender Fraud

Now Daily


Harare dealer Wicknell Chivayo, who once revealed his affection for Bona Mugabe, president Robert Mugabe’s daughter on Facebook, has come under investigation for tax and tender fraud.

Government officials confirmed that Chivayo’s grand claims that he was worth $700 million – without any proof – and recent donations of $72 000 to the Zimbabwe national football team had triggered the probe into his tax affairs.

State media accused Chivayo of dealing illegally and laundering money.

“It is alleged that Chivayo was involved in illegal deals but somehow evaded the law and is now cleaning up his money,” said a government newspaper.

Officials are also keen to know how Chivayo’s company, Intratek clinched mega energy deals without any track record in the heavily regulated sector usually reserved for Mugabe’s blue eyed boys.

Intratek’s file could not be located at the Companies Office in Harare Wednesday, deepening the mystery about Chivayo’s operations and income. The company file would have revealed details of Intratek shareholders and its tax profile, giving an indication of how much the ‘businessman’ earns officially from legitimate dealings.

Chivayo is in the news this week and his financial affairs have been thrown into sharp focus after he allegedly failed to pay national team coach Kallisto Pasuwa’s $7 000 monthly salary as promised. It also emerged that other amounts pledged to the ‘Warriors’ before the Easter games with Swaziland had not been paid.

Chivayo, a former Prince Edward school pupil, confirmed that he grew up in poverty and started selling cell phones at the Ximex mall, a hotbed of illegal deals before it was shut down by the authorities.


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