Mujuru Coup Plans Revealed

  • Mujuru is out to destroy the democratic movement to keep her ill-gotten wealth

Now Daily

Ex-vice president Joice Mujuru is an agent planted within the Zimbabwean opposition movement to disrupt the activities of democratic forces working to dislodge dictator Robert Mugabe, Now Daily investigations have revealed.

Mujuru has teamed up with tainted military generals and Zanu PF officials who benefitted from corruption in Mugabe’s government – including ravaging the Marange diamond fields. The officials are desperate to maintain the status quo and to prevent genuine democrats from taking over government as that could expose them to prosecution for past crimes, including murder, it emerged.

High-level sources within the Zimbabwe People First movement which Mujuru launched recently said Mujuru and other mid-level officials had everything to lose if Mugabe was defeated in the next elections or decided to give up power on health grounds.

“If Mugabe loses elections or retires on health grounds, he will just go and live in his palace in Singapore. It is us the foot soldiers who must fight for power because we have nowhere to go,” said a general who has joined Mujuru.

The general revealed that Mujuru’s plan was not to remove Mugabe but to ensure that the opposition did not take power.

Another source said Mujuru was on a spying mission for Mugabe, who has declared that he would be more comfortable handing power to her than his heir-apparent Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“Mujuru has already won the trust of naïve opposition politicians who believe she can help them remove Mugabe. Mujuru knows that if Mugabe goes, the opposition will be more determined to go after her wealth. So, she will play along and say all right things while getting information about the inner workings of the MDCs and other small parties. Then, on the eve of an election she will desert them, just like what Tekere did when his Zimbabwe Unity Movement withdrew its parliamentary candidates on election eve to give Mugabe the victory,” the source said.

Political commentator Chris Mitchell told Now Daily that Mujuru had already failed the democratic test.

“Mujuru’s party is not committed to democracy. They want power at all costs. They want to get back at Mugabe who has humiliated them and driven them out of the gravy train. Zimbabwe People First has been winning members by dishing out money. That is hardly the way to build a democratic movement,” Mitchell said.

The analyst said Mujuru had the “heavy baggage” of corruption scandals and political murder.

“Mujuru was caught in 2008 trying to smuggle three tonnes of gold looted from Zimbabwe into Europe. She was a major player in looting the Marange diamonds. Some Western sources believe she made $8 billion from diamonds, money which she is now splashing on her political campaign. To make matters worse, she has not been forthcoming with information about Mugabe’s misrule and has even denied that there was rigging of elections by Zanu PF. She is someone who has lost her ticket on the freedom train,” Mitchell said.

He added that Mujuru had not renounced the use of violence for political campaigns and that some ZimPF officials have vowed to wage war against Mugabe if he refuses to surrender power in 2018, the date for the next election.

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