Makandiwa Warned Against Union with Magaya

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United Family International Church (UFIC) founder Emmanuel Makandiwa has been warned against having a union with his Chitungwiza rival Walter Magaya of Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) ministries.

Members of Magaya’s church have written to Makandiwa claiming that their leader was not sincere when he went to a UFIC in December 2015 and asked that the two preachers hold a joint ‘all-night service’. They claimed Magaya had since repudiated his statements and stated that he wanted the public show of unity to clean up his image, soiled by allegations that he was a satanist.

The PHD members also revealed that Magaya wanted to lure Makandiwa’s followers to his own church and had already succeeded as some UFIC followers had since clashed with their leader, who then asked them to leave the church.

Below, we publish a post from the whistleblowers who run a parody Facebook page called ‘Madhiri aMagaya’.

“It’s Dog eat Dog,” the Facebook post says. “We are aware of the curiosity in many, concerning the Makandiwa Magaya union. How unfortunate for Makandiwa to believe he has a brother in Christ and yet Prophet Magaya has clearly confided to those close to him, that the visit to ufic was nothing but an instruction he had received from one of his mentors, that he had to quickly meet Makandiwa publicly, now that its done he has no intention of pursuing the friendship further.

Prophet Magaya claims Makandiwa was in the habit of using the pulpit to attack him.In one service Makandiwa imparted power in a visitor who was coming to ufic for the first time.After the impartation, the new comer started delivering and casting out demons from people and Makandiwa said, “this is what the prophets of today are doing ,travelling far to get impartation, coming back with power and yet they are not even saved and they do not know God or the word.”

Prophet Magaya also CLAIMS Makandiwa preached about him (Magaya) exposing that he was in the business of selling anointing oil ,canvassing behind Dvd’s and Makandiwa declared on the his pulpit, that he had exposed the devil right there.According to Magaya the only church selling anointing oil & Dvd’s was PHD therefore the attack was directed at him. All this he claimed worked against him as people in ufic and neutrals strongly believed that he was not a man of God and was truly a satanist.

In short Prophet Magaya CLAIMS he has sermons and dates of each service that Prophet Makandiwa hinted to his congregates he (Magaya) ,was not a man of God. Magaya said he was advised to put an end to these remarks by exposing Makandiwa through showing the nation that Makandiwa’s statements were nothing but a man who was afraid of competition and afraid of loosing his followers, by making his congregates into thinking Prophet Magaya was a satanist. It was imperative that Prophet Magaya had to be seen in public together with Makandiwa to dispel that Satanist label that was hanging on his shoulders. Magaya believes there are many people from ufic who may have wanted to visit PHD but they were afraid, after hearing from a prophet like Makandiwa that he was not a man of God.

Prophet Magaya said the victory was in Makandiwa allowing him to come to ufic and speak.He is so convinced that those with brains will now realise that he is not a satanits, because why else would Makandiwa a ‘true man of God’, give a satanits a platform in his church? Prophet Magaya WENT ON TO SAY that those with further eyes to see should open their eyes and question why Makandiwa was lying in the first place and question if they can continue to trust him as a father. He boldly says Makandiwa’s area is not deliverance but word, Magaya says (Makandiwa) would rather stay with his congregates rather than telling them to come to PHD for deliverance even when he knows they will never be free until they are delivered. He said when he was moving up and down city sports the day of his visit he was shown a lot of people (almost the whole church) who where in bondage and were in serious need of deliverance which prompted him to say he wished he could do a joint ALL NIGHT, which he would deliver people while Makandiwa preached. He said he believed he was talking to a mature audience which could prophetically translate what he meant by (I will deliver while Prophet preaches) .

Prophet Magaya also CLAIMS he gave Makandiwa the idea to maximise on income by introducing guest houses. Magaya says he has Makandiwa exactly where he wanted him to be with Magaya saying Prophet Makandiwa reprimanded his congregation in a tuesday service this year telling those present that they could leave ufic, Magaya believes, its not that Makandiwa wants people to leave his church, but he has already seen a door that he opened by allowing him (Magaya) to visit ufic.Once people visit PHD and get their deliverance they will never go back to ufic as their lives will change.

Prophet Magaya is hoping that the uncertainty of his relationship with Prophet Makandiwa will continue to frustrate his members, as he believes sooner than soon people will get tired and hopefully join PHD. He also proclaims that he has diluted Makandiwa in so many ways although he didn’t get into details of the many ways. What we don’t understand to this day is the motive of Prophet Makandiwa joining forces with Prophet Magaya, for Prophet Magaya is a schemer and he will never stop.

The two Prophets will continue to act civil to each other as it will be too silly to show people that the union was fake from the beginning also partly to prove Madhiri wrong. However what we know is that at the end of it all, one of them will be left bleeding profusely while THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL. After all, the cake has always been too small for both prophets to share from the beginning as proven by their previous fights.”

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2 thoughts on “Makandiwa Warned Against Union with Magaya

  1. Andisa

    Magaya is a small boy without wisdom. He can threaten a strong hold ,tried and tested.ladies will reduce him very soon, hehas a wickness with small ladies.



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