Wutawunashe Ministry Collapses

Wutawunashe Ministry Deletes ex-Wife’s Messages from Website

Now Daily


The women’s ministry in disgraced preacher Andrew Wutawunashe’s Family of God church has collapsed amid an adultery scandal that has split the organization.

Known as the ‘Precious Stones’, the ministry was led by Wutawunashe’s ex-wife, medical doctor Rutendo Faith Wutawunashe. However, the church’s official website has deleted all references to Dr Wutawunashe or her work of inspiring women through the ‘Precious Stones’.

Rutendo Wutawunashe has avoided making a statement on her husband’s affair with a woman from Botswana.

One of the church’s bishops, Henry Muzhari has formed a splinter group known as the Family Covenant Church (FCC). An FCC spokesman said they had separated from Wutawunashe because of his decision to remarry after splitting with Rutendo Wutawunashe.

The collapse of the Precious Stones, which sought to empower women through biblical teachings and practical projects is considered a blow within the FOG church.


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