Mugabe Threatens War Vets, Calls them ‘Weevils’

Now Daily

President Robert Mugabe has warned war veterans that they risk being de-registered by Zanu PF if they maintain their militant stance against him.

He said affiliates of the party such as the Zimbabwe War Veterans Association were “just associations” and they must follow the party’s dictates.

“The war vets must bring their grievances through the organs of the party. No association is allowed to dictate what the party must do,” Mugabe told party representatives at the weekend.

Apparently, the war veterans want Mugabe to stand down as party president and allow his deputy Emmerson Mnangagwa to take over. Mugabe has rejected their plea, insisting that his wife Grace Mugabe must take over from him. The war veterans have also infuriated Mugabe by passing a vote of no confidence in him.

Mugabe is scheduled to meet the veterans on Thursday to hear their grievances. He has tried to pacify them by assuring them that the suspension of their leader Christopher Mutsvangwa from Zanu PF will be reviewed the next day by the party’s ‘central committee’.

Mutsvangwa is a close ally of Mnangagwa.

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