Bona Mugabe Wants Divorce

Now Daily

President Robert Mugabe’s daughter Bona Mugabe is fed up of her marriage to Simba Chikore and wants to leave her husband of two years accusing him of adultery.

The latest tip in the troubled marriage could be the last, according to sources close to the couple.

Mugabe recently met Zaoga church founder Ezekiel Guti and asked him to pray for the couple’s troubled marriage. The president has previously intervened and cautioned Chikore about his wayward ways after Bona reported his philandering to him.

“In 2015, the marriage sunk so low that Mugabe summoned the couple to his house in the middle of the night and gave Simba a good talking to,” said a family source. “That was after stories of his womanizing surfaced and this infuriated Bona. This seemed to work for a while and there was more good news when Bona fell pregnant. Now, Simba Chikore is back to his old ways. He is partying wildly with his friends, leaving Bona at home, which she despises. Previously, they went together to some of the parties but Bona is pregnant and she cannot go out as often as he does. There is a lot of tension in the marriage and that is the reason why Bona travels with her parents so much these days, just to get away from her husband.”

The sources revealed that Chikore felt isolated among the Mugabes, who have always despised his poor family background.

Another source however said Bona Mugabe’s regular tantrums and bad temper against her husband were driving him to go after other women.

Grace Mugabe forced Bona to marry Chikore against the advice of the Central Intelligence Organization, which had a ‘thick file’ of his numerous sexual affairs with various women, including the daughter of a pastor at the Zaoga church where his mother holds a senior position.

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