Grace Mugabe Always High on Pot

Now Daily

Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe’s wife Grace Mugabe takes marijuana and a combination of other powerful drugs for her various ailments, making her ‘unstable’, sources close to the first lady revealed.

The drug abuse explains Grace Mugabe’s violent temper and her unpredictable mood swings, the sources said.

Workers at her Alpha and Omega dairy in Mazowe, which she owns through a business front, said Grace Mugabe habitually beat up managers for small offences when she was high.

“You could always tell during meetings that the first lady was high on some very potent stuff, which was not alcohol. Information then leaked that she was using dope and possibly some hard drugs,” said a manager who fled to Botswana after enduring regular beatings from Grace Mugabe at Gushungo estate.

At one point, Grace Mugabe took to Rastafarianism, which encourages marijuana use for religious ceremonies, and even grew natural dreadlocks. She was forced to shave off the dreadlocks after being diagnosed with cancer.

A psychologist who has studied Grace Mugabe’s videos as part of a character study for a book, who declined to be named, said her behaviour was ‘not normal’ and he also suspected that she used drugs. He said from the videos that he had seen, Grace Mugabe was “capable of swinging from a high of childish happiness to a low of deadly ill temper”. That made her difficult to do business with or to trust her as a leader, the psychologist said.

Several senior members of Mugabe’s government and party are known to take pot, a habit picked up from the 1980s war for independence. These include police commissioner-general Augustine Chihuri and Mugabe’s nephew Patrick Zhuwao, the minister of youth.

Mugabe has previously condemned marijuana use and attacked Rastafarians as being ‘unkempt’ because of their favoured dreadlock hairstyles. He only stopped condemning dreadlocks after his wife grew them. Surprisingly, Mugabe invited Jamaican reggae star Bob Marley to perform at Zimbabwe’s independence in 1980.

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