Grace Mugabe Targets Mnangagwa’s ‘Wives’, Children

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President Robert Mugabe’s wife Grace Mugabe has found a new weapon in the fight against vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa, her arch-rival in the increasingly bloody race to succeed her ailing 92 year-old husband.

Having failed to convince the public that Mnangagwa wanted to assassinate her and her family, Grace Mugabe has turned to attacking her nemesis by painting him as an irresponsible womanizer with an unknown number of children.

The subject of Mnangagwa’s ‘wives’ and numerous children has previously been raised by Mugabe, who cynically gave him the national housing ministry in the early 2000s suggesting he needed to build houses for his “growing family”. Mnangagwa took the joke literally and built several houses at government expense for his mistresses in Redcliff.

Now, Grace Mugabe has reignited debate over the vice president’s character, claiming recently that he had “20 000” children.

“Imagine it has got to a stage where they want to kill my son, Bellarmine. Aren’t you ashamed? Killing other people’s children when you have yours, all 20 000 of them?” Grace Mugabe taunted Mnangagwa during a recent rally.

The subject of Mnangagwa’s women and children has sparked controversy within family and political circles. The death of his first wife, sister to Chimurenga war commander Josiah Tongogara left Mnangagwa exposed as it became apparent that he had many other ‘wives’, said to number eight and an undisclosed number of children.

Mnangagwa’s first child, Farai is a nurse based in the United Kingdom. She was in the news recently after her young son was arrested for stabbing someone. The boy had earlier become infamous after a video of him spewing obscenities and insulting his aunt went viral.

Annastacia Ndhlovu, a Central Intelligence Organization operative recently appointed deputy minister of tourism is reported to have two children with Mnangagwa.

Auxillia Mnangagwa, another CIO operative is now the vice president’s official wife while the others and their children remain a closely guarded secret.

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2 thoughts on “Grace Mugabe Targets Mnangagwa’s ‘Wives’, Children

  1. Diane

    Mnangagwa’s eldest child, is daughter Farai Victoria Dambudzo who is a career diplomat based in South Africa and not a nurse in UK. The one in UK is the VP’s niece. Emmerson married Jayne ( Farai’s mother ) in 1973 after he was released from prison. Jayne succumbed to cancer in 2002. They have 6 children together. Five girls one boy. Emmerson married his second wife, Auxillia in 2003. They have three sons.



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