Mugabe Poops in His Pants

Now Daily

Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe has had special underwear designed for him after it emerged that he sometimes poops in his pants due to old age and ill health, sources revealed.

The whistleblower website Zimbabweans for Prosperity published a photograph of 92 year-old Mugabe wearing the special shorts which look like diapers. The picture of Mugabe wearing diapers appears to have been taken on a beach in Dubai or Singapore. In the photograph the despot’s wife Grace Mugabe is skimpily dressed in a very short red mini-skirt and tiny black ‘body-top’.

The authenticity of the photograph could not immediately be verified. However, Zimbabweans for Prosperity predicted publication of the picture would be a nightmare for members of Mugabe’s close security unit.

Mugabe turned 92 on February 21 but refuses to give up power through free and fair elections or allow a successor from his party to take over. He regularly visits doctors in Singapore when his health deteriorates. One such secret trip to the doctor last week has resulted in calls for him to resign after he claimed to be in India on business when in fact he was in Singapore.

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