Muzhari Clashes with Wutawunashe over Sex Scandal, Forms Church

Now Daily

Pastor Henry Muzhari has abandoned Andrew Wutawunashe, the founder of the Family of God Church who is embroiled in an adultery scandal that led to the dissolution of his marriage to medical doctor Rutendo Faith Wutawunashe, the mother of his four children.

Muzhari on Sunday launched his own Family Covenant Church in Harare at a service attended by hundreds of people from Wutawunashe’s church.

The move is said to have infuriated Wutawunashe, who has been deserted by several pastors and church sponsors.

Banners at the Family Covenant Church meeting at Belvedere teachers college featured photographs of Muzhari and his wife. Muzhari was introduced as the leader of the church.

Muzhari, a University of Zimbabwe-trained accountant-turned-pastor was for long considered to be the brains behind Wutawunashe’s church administration, while the self-proclaimed ‘apostle and prophet’ travelled around the world.

Wutawunashe’s has riled Christians on numerous occasions by endorsing the misrule of dictator Robert Mugabe. He fell into scandal recently after admitting that he had been living separately from his wife for several years. Church elders discovered that Wutawunashe’s wife Rutendo had deserted him after discovering that he was having an affair with a woman from Botswana.

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