Irene Zindi Canvasses for Boyfriend in Parliament

I Don’t Have Any Boyfriend Says Irene Zindi

Now Daily

Zanu PF Mutasa South member of parliament Irene Zindi has revealed that she is single and ‘available’ to suitors, who must be single.

“Are you attracted to me? I am available if you are single,” Zindi told MDC-T Kuwadzana East MP Nelson Chamisa, who asked her while she was debating in parliament Thursday if she had a boyfriend, who could do some of her business chores for her.

MPs were surprised when Zindi started giggling during her speech.

“Forgive me Mr. Speaker for laughing, Hon. Chamisa just asked me whether I do not have a boyfriend to do some of these things for me,” Zindi said.

She accused Chamisa of sexual harassment.

“I need your protection, Mr. Speaker, this is sexual harassment. I want the Hon. Member to apologise for that utterance. I think you heard my request Mr. Speaker, I need your protection and Hon. Chamisa owes me an apology when he returns to the Chamber because I take it as sexual harassment. He said that because I am a woman, he would not have said it had it been a male counterpart debating. Mr. Speaker, it is true when you hear us talking about it now and again that these men sexually harass us, this is what they do,”

Chamisa ducked outside and returned to the chamber after Zindi stopped ranting.

Speaker of parliament Jacob Mudenda implored him to withdraw the statement.

“I acknowledge that Hon. Zindi does not have any friends who are boys. So I must apologise for that but to say it is harassment, it is not harassment in any way because if anything, it is actually supposed to be affirmative to say that she should have friends who are boys,” Chamisa said to laughter.

Mudenda was not impressed by Chamisa’s antics.

“Order, order Hon. Chamisa but you could have equally said, “do you not have girlfriends?” Why do you not simply withdraw the statement?” Mudenda said.

Chamisa withdrew the statement after more haggling, prompting Zindi to ask if he was attracted to her.

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