Mugabe in Singapore for Treatment, Lies He’s in India

Now Daily

President Robert Mugabe never went to India this week as his spokesman claimed but went straight to Singapore for medical treatment, Now Daily can reveal.

Mugabe left Zimbabwe on Monday March 7 2016 for what his spokesman George Charamba said was a trip to attend the low-key World Cultural Festival in India. In a statement Wednesday, Charamba claimed falsely that Mugabe was in India but had cancelled his attendance of the cultural event which runs from 11 to 13 March over security concerns.

The flight-tracking website Flight Radar 24 has now busted Charamba’s lies by publishing details of Mugabe’s flight, which took him directly to Singapore.

Mugabe left Zimbabwe on Monday aboard an Air Zimbabwe plane and flew straight to Singapore. He used an Air Zimbabwe Boeing 767-2 NDER, registration Z-WFP on flight UM1. The plane left Harare at 16:37 hours on Monday and landed in Singapore the next day at 02:38 hours, Flight Radar 24 data shows.

Mugabe regularly goes to Singapore for medical treatment and health checks at the elite Gleneagles medical facility. He is also to have a home on the tourist island, where he recently bought a $6 million condominium for his daughter Bona.

Higher and tertiary education minister Jonathan Moyo confirmed on Twitter that Mugabe was not in India. Moyo has a long-running grudge with Charamba and his revelation was clearly meant to expose the presidential spokesman’s lies, government sources said.

“He (Mugabe) is and was not in India, as much as you want him to be there,” Moyo said on Twitter.

Political analyst Dewa Mavhinga queried the cost of Mugabe’s trip.

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