Grace Mugabe Ordered to Stop Anti-Mnangagwa Rallies

Grace Mugabe Rallies Cancelled After Mnangagwa Protests

Now Daily

President Robert Mugabe ordered his wife not to hold a rally scheduled for Buhera on Wednesday 2 March, where she had threatened to further ‘expose’ her main succession rival, vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa, it has been revealed.

Sources said Mugabe ordered his wife to stop her rallies denouncing ‘Ngwena/the Crocodile’, as Mnangagwa is known, after the vice president sometimes touted as his heir apparent complained.

The sources said Mnangagwa went to Mugabe’s house fuming a day after Grace Mugabe denounced him at her last rally in Mazowe, calling him ‘thief’ and ‘corrupt’. Grace Mugabe had promised to use the Buhera rally last week to ‘finish off’ Mnangagwa by exposing his ‘deepest secret’.

The District Development Fund had been busy for weeks upgrading roads on Grace Mugabe’s itinerary. Central Intelligence Organization operatives who had been deployed in large numbers to prepare for the first lady’s coming have since been withdrawn.

Grace Mugabe is accused of using her so-called ‘meet-the-people’ rallies as kangaroo courts to attack her rivals in the race to succeed her ailing 92 year-old husband. The rallies have attracted public consternation after it was revealed that millions of dollars in state funds had been blown by her huge entourages, using military aircraft and staying in five-star accommodation.

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