Corrupt NSSA Bosses Get Massive $1.5 Million Exit Package

Now Daily

The bankrupt National Social Security Authority (NSSA) has doled out a massive $1.5 million to managers who were fired for corruption recently, Now Daily has learnt.

Critics have questioned the wisdom of blowing millions on the five ‘corrupt and incompetent’ managers who cost NSSA hundreds of millions of dollars through inflated salaries, shoddy investments in unstable banks and companies run by their friends and giving jobs to their undeserving relatives.  NSSA is failing to pay contributory pensioners reasonable allowances regularly, with monthly pay outs pegged at a ‘dismal’ $60.

“The total package payable to the retrenchees was $1 475 302,” public service, labour and social services minister Priscah Mupfumira said.

Fired NSSA general manager Matiza walked away with more than $1 million, including his brand new official Mercedes Benz, a house and offices in a ‘retrenchment package’ that has raised the ire of legislators.

Matiza, who was earning a hefty $33 000 a month in salary and allowances, will have his benefits calculated at the illegal rate of $22 000 a month in a shadowy deal approved by the NSSA board recently to coerce him to leave the authority. Matiza had threatened to take the matter to the courts alleging that his massive earnings had been approved by the previous board, which was removed in July 2015 over corruption allegations. The government has since issued a directive that parastatal bosses should earn a top salary of $6 000 per month and that their benefits should be no more than 40 percent of basic salary.

Matiza was fired along with four other senior managers in 2015 after it was revealed that they were getting inflated incomes, with allowances that were higher than their salaries.

It was discovered that Matiza earned a basic salary of $13 768 and benefits of $19 779, giving a total of $33 547. He also had a company car and 500 litres fuel allowance every month, among ‘a litany of other allowances’.

The finance director earned a salary of $7 705 and allowances of $8 456 and other benefits. The corporate services director was on a $7 775 basic salary and earned $9 900 in benefits, plus other allowances. The investments director earned $7 775 basic salary and $6 138 allowances and other benefits. The information communication technology director earned $6 490 basic salary and $6 260 allowances.

“The remuneration structure did not comply with the Government directive that benefits and allowances should be kept at 40% of basic salary. The board is currently finalising a new remuneration framework to be used. The new remuneration framework will be implemented in the second quarter of 2016,” Mupfumira said. “The economy is going through a difficult period and more so to the pensioners. NSSA employees cannot continue to earn high salaries and benefits at the expense of the pensioners.”

The authority has a bloated staff of 837, 342 or 41% being women.

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