Mugabe Lies to War Veterans, Flees to India

Now Daily

President Robert Mugabe has infuriated war veterans after he summarily cancelled a meeting he had promised to hear the grievances of the former Chimurenga fighters.

Mugabe ducked out of Zimbabwe Monday night with a huge entourage of senior government officials to attend a low-key cultural event in India, which many critics said could have been attended by the culture minister.

Sources said Mugabe would discuss military and economic co-operation with Indian leaders following the disastrous fall out with China over the Marange diamonds.

Mugabe met axed minister for welfare of war veterans Christopher Mutsvangwa on March 2 2016 and promised that he would meet the former combatants this week to hear their complaints directly. Mugabe accused Mutsvangwa of misleading the former fighters and said he wanted to speak to them himself as the patron of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association. Mugabe fired Mutsvangwa hours after meeting him last week.

“We are not surprised that Mugabe has run away. He fears the war veterans because he knows he has told too many lies about improving our welfare but has done nothing about it,” said a war veteran.

The cultural event in India was organised by the shadowy Art of Living organisation.

Mugabe left vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa acting as president.

Former war veterans leaders Mutsvangwa and Jabulani Sibanda have now formed an alliance to fight Mugabe over his mistreatment of war vets.

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