War Veterans Threaten Mugabe

War Veterans Threaten Mugabe over Mutsvangwa Sacking

Now Daily


War veterans have demanded an explanation as to why president Robert Mugabe fired their chairman Christopher Mutsvangwa from cabinet and the top leadership of Zanu PF.

The war veterans claim Mutsvangwa was sacked for highlighting their plight and will confront Mugabe over the issue this week during a meeting that is expected to be explosive. The meeting, however, hangs in the balance following the dismissal of the war veterans leader, which has triggered a new power struggle in the association which represents the former Chimurenga fighters.

Mutsvangwa, the former minister of welfare services for war veterans, war collaborators, former political detainees and restrictees confronted Mugabe during a meeting and complained about the ‘suffering’ of war vets.

Mugabe, however, gave Mutsvangwa a tongue-lashing for ‘misleading war veterans’ and promised to meet them. The savage reprimand from Mugabe came hours before the minister was dismissed from government and the main councils of Zanu PF, including the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association where Mutsvangwa was chairman.

Mutsvangwa, who has lost his cabinet position, was not available for comment. Sources said he was on the run as Zanu PF wanted him charged with criminal acts.

Mutsvangwa’s deputy, J Dube confirmed Mutsvangwa had confronted Mugabe and told him that war veterans were suffering.

“We have been going through a very difficult time with the finances,” Dube said. “We have not yet received any allocation from the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development. The Hon. Minister of Welfare for the War Veterans met His Excellency and they discussed this in depth. We have been promised that His Excellency will meet the War Veterans and explain all the problems that we have and how they will be solved,” Dube said.


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